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Dd writes some funny things :-)

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Blossomhill Sat 30-Apr-05 21:53:42

Well at the moment dd is writing constantly. She is currently in the process of writing letters to all of her friends.
When I read them at the bottom of each one it says "Oh and I promise I won't make a pigs ear out of being a pop star, ok dear "
It has just really made me laugh but goodness knows where it has come from!

coppertop Sat 30-Apr-05 21:55:10

LOL!! Awww, bless her!

starlover Sat 30-Apr-05 21:57:15

don't normally visit special needs... but saw this in active convos and had to comment... that's THE funniest thing I've heard today, bless her!
(i hope she doesn't make a pigs ear out of it when she becomes a pop star either!)

monica2 Sat 30-Apr-05 22:06:57

Ahh that's hilaroius , my dd 9, is a budding author too, must tell her about that she will think it's fab!!

Chocol8 Sun 01-May-05 00:29:39

That made me smile Bloss! How delightful!

Jayzmummy Sun 01-May-05 02:02:21


Blossomhill Sun 01-May-05 11:55:54

I know dd is just so comical. I really do think she will be a chain smoking, purple haired author when she is older
Monica - does your dd have AS. As my dd (who is 5) has a dx of spd but I am not sure if it is going to end up being AS!

Gobbledigook Sun 01-May-05 11:57:00

So funny!!

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 18:18:03

Blossomhill, dd wasn't diagnosed until age 7, not sure whether she would have had a diagnosis at age 5 or not, I am ashamed to say we didn't appraoch any professionals about it until she was 7 and she was diagnosed very quickly. Nice to hear from someone who has a similar dd, I often wonder if it presents itself differently in girl.

Blossomhill Sun 01-May-05 18:37:14

Hi Monica well I think that girls do present differently to boys (it's more subtle I think)
With us dd has come out non-asd on a cars test and with lots of other pros that she has seen but I still have my doubts. We have had concerns since she was about 18 months and she has been in the system since she was about 2. Is currently in a speech and language unit attached to a ms school and doing very well.
I am now thinking that it is probably best if we sit and just see how she develops within the next 2 years as I know AS isn't usually dx until about 8+.
Yes it is really nice to speak to another mum with a similar dd
In dd's unit there are only 6 girls and 46 boys so goes to show how much in the minority girls are with this type of difficulty!

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 18:46:47

Yes BH I think girls are better at attempting to mimic piers in social situations, also dd has poor imaginary play but can imitate her brother's very well and loves to act out "shows" but only from things she has seen on t.v. etc. I think you are wise to wait, some of d.d.'s inappropriate physical stuff didn't present until she was 7, eg repetitive throat clearing, inappropriate sideways gaze etc. Your dd sounds like she is getting a lot of good early intervention!

Blossomhill Sun 01-May-05 18:49:39

Oh Monica dd does the sideway glazing too!

Yes the unit is great. She has 2 lots of NHS SALT social skills everyweek and they are really helping. We have also just got back from Bibic and are using there therapies and the dietary change at the moment. The diet stuff has made such a difference!

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 19:00:33

Are you doing wheat/dairy free, we are finding it a real battle ATM, on a positive note dd takes probiotics and fish oils too, both which she asks for! she says the fish oils help her to keep calm, (definitely reduce the anger outbursts). DD has lots of support at school now but can't help wondering what difference it would have made if we had been more aware when she was younger, instead of blissful ignorance/denial!

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