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Brighton, 14th May, who's up for it?

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lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 13:48:49

So far it's a definite from me, RnB and Mabs. Anyone else please?

And can someone start suggesting times and places?

RnB Sat 30-Apr-05 14:41:30

Message withdrawn

MABS Sat 30-Apr-05 16:35:09

what does any/everyone like to eat? What time will you be able to get down here from deepest Surrey Lou?

lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 16:59:03

Bout 1? Depends if RnB will be ready for me then!

lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 16:59:41

Like most things to eat, but if i dont then i will just drink

MABS Sat 30-Apr-05 17:10:54

I probably couldn't get into Brighton til 1.30 - 2ish, but you could start without me, i'm sure i'll catch up

lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 18:09:49

no thats fine, means i dont have to get up and rush about so early. I will fit in with the general consensus.

monica2 Sat 30-Apr-05 21:02:32

Ooh yes please I am definitely up for this! Late afternoon going into evening would be good for me (I am doing therapy with JakB's dd til 1pm) then will have to relieve dh (from kids! for a bit) Looking forward to meeting you all xx

lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 23:54:00


so any suggestions as where to meet or will we all just get pissed on the pier?

MABS Sun 01-May-05 08:53:37

Italian places are usually a good bet, and they don't hassle you to get out. Otherwise there's a good place called HaHa but it's perhaps a little more expensive. Or we could just go to Horatio's on the pier for karaoke? JOKE LADIES

InternationalGirl Sun 01-May-05 09:33:51

Yep - I'm in. Gonna be a bit of a trek from North London but will make a day of it. I'll be coming on the train so somewhere central to train station good. Probably try to get down for midday, spend the afternoon and come home on a train after 6pm.

Next question - hubbies and kids? anyone bringing theirs?

MABS Sun 01-May-05 09:38:03

I won't be, don't think Lou is either. Not sure about others

heartinthecountry Sun 01-May-05 11:22:44

I'm in! (if you'll have me)

Could make 2ish and stay early eve.

Won't bring dd as that would mean I'd have to leave earlier.

lou33 Sun 01-May-05 12:50:21

bring my family?

dont be silly

RnB Sun 01-May-05 15:41:35

Message withdrawn

lou33 Sun 01-May-05 17:00:36

sounds good to me

MABS Sun 01-May-05 17:51:44

good idea RnB, particularly if we request an upstairs table

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 18:50:49

Pinnochios would be perfect RnB, pretty sure JakB will be able to make it. (Any luck with W.Blatch honey?)

RnB Sun 01-May-05 19:30:29

Message withdrawn

monica2 Sun 01-May-05 19:42:28

RnB still ok for tues/thurs xx

lou33 Sun 01-May-05 19:58:09

excellent idea for upstairs table

you can laugh at me as i fall down the stairs in a drunken heap

MABS Sun 01-May-05 20:06:42

the good thing is is that the loo is upstairs too, minimizes the whole stair thing...

InternationalGirl Sun 01-May-05 23:48:42

Pinnochios sounds great as long as its near enough to the station.

Re: the family, I might just have to throw them out on the pier - they won't stay in London if they hear I'm going to Brighton - they'll follow me!! They haven't seen the ocean in over two years and always complain that I get to go on ALL the cool trips so I don't think I'll be able to just leave them at home. I'm sure they'll have a great time playing in Brighton while we get together over some nibbles and drinks.

lou33 Mon 02-May-05 00:01:37

yeh but mabs, i have to leave at some time

MABS Mon 02-May-05 08:47:44

Good point Lou! Pinocchio's is no more than a 10 min walk from the station, very easy too, v straighforward. And the restaurant is only 5/6 mins from the pier as well.

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