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mieow Wed 23-Apr-03 23:25:20

DS was recasted for his DAFOs today and screamed the hospital down!!!! This is his 4th pair and he was also placed into plaster for a week in October but he still hates it. The poor doctor (whos a very cute young man ) was at his end of his tether. I saw him just after and he was going to lunch so DS had made him late. Whoops!!! But he is very nice!!!!!!!! (the doc I mean!! )
Just have to wait a few weeks and we can collect them and i get to see the lovely young man again LOL

lou33 Wed 23-Apr-03 23:54:59

Argh mieow! I guess I will have the joy of this to come. Are they the plastic thingies that cover the heel and go up the leg?

mieow Thu 24-Apr-03 00:11:26


lou33 Thu 24-Apr-03 00:23:40

Oh joy of joys I can't wait til it's our turn!

mieow Thu 24-Apr-03 07:54:40

Yea but will you have a nice young man to look at?? You'll have so smelly old bloke
I have to take two children to have this done......... its horrible
Neither of my two's feet can be controlled in Pierdio Boots.

chatee Thu 24-Apr-03 09:00:28

my dd has been measured up twice now-first time was in Dec02 and she was a little unsure but both Mummy and Daddy were there to help, we had taken all her favourites ie books, dolly, small keyboard and they seemed to help.Second time around dd behaved like a pro and chatted away to the orthotist-she is on first name terms with him and found it highly amusing when he put some plaster on her hands and being told that she could use his sink to wah her hands this was only a couple of weeks ago, got the appt through for fitting on 9th May.....fingers crossed she will be compliant again as she is refusing to wear them at the moment as she says they hurt...then the hassle of finding footwear especially as we go on holiday on the Sunday!!!

lou33 Thu 24-Apr-03 11:16:16

He's not young but he's not smelly either mieow! Interesting you say about piedro boots, as I was asking about them for summer (the sandal version), and apparently this bloke doesn't recommend them. Don't know why though, dd1 had them and they were great I thought. Not just avoiding them for ds btw, but doesn't recommend them generally. I thought that was odd.

Hope it goes well for you when you go back chatee.

lou33 Thu 24-Apr-03 12:47:19

Mieow, am stalking you a bit again! Just saw you on the other site asking about statementing, there's a thread about it on here, and Kyliebump is very knowledgeable on the subject being as that was her area of work I think.

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