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Need someone elses opinion.

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meea Fri 29-Apr-05 13:46:39

Ds2 had a salt assessment at nursery last week.
Nursery manager stopped me yesterday to tell me how well he had done .He has become age appropriate great news I know but she went on to tell me that he would probably have scored higher but he refused to finish what he was doing as it was tidy up time and just wouldn't break from the nursery routine.
Manager thought this was really cute and funny I am worrying that his routine is beginning to take over.
It just makes me realise how unaware they are about his needs at nursery.

dottee Fri 29-Apr-05 13:51:29

Eh up Meea! Long time no speak! I'm now back on line but haven't yet done any e-mailing! Hope you and yours are OK

Hmm! Remind me, is ds statemented?

meea Fri 29-Apr-05 13:55:16

Hi Dottee great to here from you did intend ringing but you know what it's like .
Ds2 has no support or statememt.

dottee Fri 29-Apr-05 15:45:44

Leave it with me - I'm going to contact a new MNer tonight who, I think, could be well up on these things.

dottee Mon 02-May-05 11:02:04

I'm going to CAT you.

coppertop Mon 02-May-05 11:07:37

Sorry I missed this, meea. Ds1 was a nightmare with his routine at pre-school. Does the Area SENCO or the Early Years Inclusion Service go in to visit at all?

Ds1 had no statement or extra support in pre-school but the SALT and SENCO showed the staff how to use a small strip of symbols to help ds1 cope with changes to his routine. It didn't always work but was successful for a lot of the time and also reduced the staff's stress levels too.

Davros Mon 02-May-05 22:01:12

I would be seriously worried about the manager thinking it was cute and funny for him to be unable to divert from routine. This shows that she has little insight into his difficulties which clearly are not just in the area of SALT. What can be done about setting up strategies to get him to break routines and manage/accept it? Is there an EP about?

meea Tue 03-May-05 09:32:13

Thanks for the email dottee will get back to you later.
Ds2 is supposed to have an early years teacher who should visit him in nursery once a term .I have been given a name but no contact details and as yet he hasn't made contact with nursery either so there hasn't been any imput since portage stopped in march.
There isn't an ep he has been assesed by a student cp who felt that ds2 was coping really well at nursery and there wasn't anything to worry about but he watched him play and follow nurseries routine.
I think d2 copes so well because of the strict routine at nursery and it will be interesting to see how he copes at the new playgroup he is going to start next week.
I am concerned that all his professional imput is happening at nursery so they are only hearing their side of things and only witnessing one side of his behaviour.
I have just had a look at his goals that were set by portage for nursery and there is only one about his routine and that says that he should join in nursery routine.

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