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Dare I say it? - what a nice week!

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KarenThirl Fri 29-Apr-05 10:01:19

I'm a bit scared to mention it in case the bubble bursts, but it's been quite a good week here at Thirlaway Towers. Sure we've had a few tantrums and outbursts but generally things have been good. J had the best swimming session ever on Tuesday with me, and even in his class afterwards he was concentrating and doing well. His coach said that if he can get across the pool she'll move him up to the next lesson, and he's more than capable of it if he can keep his head focused. I was so pleased with him.

And after school yesterday he actually went to a friend's house for tea! First time in months, and certainly the first since the tantrums kicked in big-time. It went really well, no outbursts etc, and the boy's grandad thought J was really sweet when he held out his hand to shake his and said "My name's J, what are you called?". Blimey, he doesn't do that often!

We've been using a timer at the table (for various reasons, not to encourage him to eat quicker), and yesterday morning he ate breakfast in twelve minutes, got dressed in ten and was sitting at the computer by 8.20. A miracle!

Let's see what next week brings, eh?

JakB Fri 29-Apr-05 10:02:00

KarenThirl, what wonderful news!

maddiemo Fri 29-Apr-05 10:14:52

Glad you are having a nice week. Hope the bank holiday is good

macwoozy Fri 29-Apr-05 11:02:16

It's good to hear that you're enjoying the past week, I hope his good behaviour carries on into the weekend for you as well.

MandM Fri 29-Apr-05 11:08:29

Karen, that's lovely news! Here's hoping you have a happy and peaceful bank holiday!

KarenThirl Fri 29-Apr-05 11:19:12

Thanks guys. We have an American auntie visiting over the weekend - she's here for work and is staying with the inlaws for a couple of days. Sunday lunch (eek!) but J is usually Ok eating out if we take a pile of books to keep him occupied. Any others have plans for the weekend?

MandM Fri 29-Apr-05 11:21:44

Going to buy a new washing machine!!!! Mine got condemned to the great scrapheap in the sky this morning!
Off to a concert with dh and some friends tonight, then out for something to eat - dd is extremely pleased because it means she is going to Grandma's house straight from the childminder's tonight, which is a real treat for her - and us!

KarenThirl Fri 29-Apr-05 14:30:00

Hope you have a great time tonight MandM. It's good to get a break, even if it's just for a short while. And I;m sure dd will have a lovely time at Granny's too. Washing machine excitement too! We've just had Mr Hotpoint mending our tumble dryer this morning - glad he's fixed it, can you imagine life without a tumbler?!

MandM Fri 29-Apr-05 14:58:00

I have to admit that washing machines and tumble driers are actually dh's domain - but I am sure he would tell you he would rather cut off his own arm with a rusty saw than live without his drier!

Come to think of it, he'd probably tell you he'd rather live without me than his drier!

coppertop Fri 29-Apr-05 15:35:14

Awww! I had to smile at the bit about him holding out his hand and saying "My name's J. What are you called?" Bless him!

No plans made yet for this weekend. Just the usual dreaded shopping tomorrow with ds2 screaming all the way.

Thomcat Fri 29-Apr-05 15:42:55

Ahhhh, bless, so pleased for you.

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