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School Action/Special Needs

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Lulu41 Mon 25-Apr-05 11:33:17

Can anybody please let me if they know what School Action is my ds's school are saying that as his disruptive behaviour in class is not improving after setting him targets they need to take "school action" ie. first step of special needs. Dont know what this means - any help suggestions gratefully received.

RnB Mon 25-Apr-05 11:35:40

Message withdrawn

Jayzmummy Mon 25-Apr-05 11:36:25

School action is the first step put into place to help support a child who may be presenting with difficulties within a school setting.

TheRealMrsF Mon 25-Apr-05 11:41:49

they basically try out different things to see whether its for example boredom (ie work too easy ) or maybe if he's younger they try small 'sharing' skills group work to increase his self esteem etc.....they kind of input as much as they can in addition to what is normally provided for the child of that age- and then if they still find he has difficulties they generally move them on the SCHOOL ACTION PLUS to involve outside professionals

Don't be scared...he may not have a 'disorder'...2 of my 3 are autistic.....and my 3rd is at School action too...but as yet noone thinks he has autism etc....except me!!!

being GIFTED for example is another reason for a child to be on SN register.

beccaboo Mon 25-Apr-05 11:54:34

My ds, age 3, who has ASD, is on School Action Plus at his nursery. It goes School Action, School Action Plus and then assessment for a statement I think.

For him, it has meant a more structured approach to his learning. He has an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which sets specific goals and activities, and this is reviewed every couple of months. He also has someone from Early Years who comes in for a couple of hours a week to observe and suggest extra things to the nursery staff.

Imho it's a good thing - it helps the school pinpoint which areas a child has difficulties with, and it gives the parent a formal way of seeing how the school is addressing the problem. The IEP should be drawn up in consultation with you, so it gives you a chance to have some input too.

Lulu41 Mon 25-Apr-05 12:53:09

Does this go on his school record I know its sounds shallow but will it effect what secondary school he get into? It does sound like he needs it though - thank you all for your replies I feel a little easier about it now xx

Lulu41 Mon 25-Apr-05 12:53:12

Does this go on his school record I know its sounds shallow but will it effect what secondary school he get into? It does sound like he needs it though - thank you all for your replies I feel a little easier about it now xx

AliceInWonderland Mon 25-Apr-05 13:02:44

Hi lulu, try not to worry to much, at least the school are aware and acting on any concerns that they may have, you could get a copy of the Special Education Needs Code of Practice, it clearly details all stages of intervention and what should be done, it is an essential book for any parent with a child that has SEN and its free. You can download it from or you can call them at 0845 6022260.

sparklymieow Mon 25-Apr-05 13:08:23

School action is a process they use to help children with behaviour or learning problems within school, many children at my DS' are on SA, the next stage is SA+ (which DS is on) because he had outside professional support. My DD1 is currently on SA+ too, but the school want to move her to the EPF stage (earmarked pupil funding) so they can get a TA in place for her. The next stage is Statementing. This will not affect what school he will get into, but will mean the teachers will be aware of his problems and be able to help him.

figleaf Thu 28-Apr-05 11:13:00

Do they have to tell you at each stage that they have your child down as a SA or SA+?
I anly ask because my son has been having difficulties writing and we have been seen by an ed psych and just recently by a peadiatrician. These things have hapened through school but no one has ever told me that DS has one of those labels attached to him.

coppertop Thu 28-Apr-05 11:35:37

I think they are supposed to tell you. In any case they are supposed to consult you about the IEPs and get you to sign them if you are happy with the targets set.

figleaf Thu 28-Apr-05 11:39:55

Interesting. Cant say whats happening at my school then. Perhaps its a money thing. I`ve asked for the document that A.I.W told lulu about so perhaps I`ll get better informed and be able to ask the right questions at school.

monica2 Thu 28-Apr-05 20:37:46

figleaf it should say on the IEP whether S.A/S.A+, if not you are within your rights to phone your local LEA (the ed pysch is employed by them) the school will have a designated case worker at the LEA who should be quite happy to tell you what level of S.A has been assigned, the school receive extra money from the LEA in their "special needs pot" for S.A/+. Don't understand why these things always seem to be so "cloak and dagger" though

figleaf Sat 30-Apr-05 16:43:55

Monica 2 thanks for the info. The ed psych gave us an "action plan" after her observing ds. After a discussion with another mumsnetter I thought that this must be another name for an IEP. I asked the head but she said it was different so I left it.I didin`t feel I could be pushy because they have got us to an ed phych and a peadiatrician in a little over a month from a problem first being discussed with us. From reading other MN posts this seems quite fast. I have another meeting with the ed psych on 20th May to see how this action plan is going, perhaps I`ll ask about the different names then.

KarenThirl Sun 01-May-05 06:50:45

Try this (hope it works, never posted a link before)...
DoES SEN guide

figleaf Wed 04-May-05 09:50:43

Thanks Karenthirl.

tallulah Wed 04-May-05 18:58:22

When I was an LSA 8 years ago the SEN levels had numbers, which IMO were easier to understand. Level 1 was a child who'd been identified as having some problems, level 2 more so, level 3 was a child with major problems who hadn't been statemented & level 4 was a child with a statement. As an LSA I got assigned to one or 2 level 4s & a number of level 3s.

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