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Family Fund advisor visiting

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Widemouthfrog Mon 06-Apr-09 10:52:18

I've just had a call from the family fund - they are sending an advisor to visit and meet my DS tomorrow. Is this usual? This is our first application. Is this a formality or are we being vetted?
I'm a bit nervous as DS can appear very calm and able at home with an adult visitor addressing him one on one.
Anyone know what I should expect? She has led me to believe its just a formality, and we will just be filling in paperwork.

5intheEgg Mon 06-Apr-09 11:07:57

I've just had the FF visiting me this morning. Its usual for a first application apparently, if the info you supplied isn't enough.
The woman was really nice, just read the reports I had for ds2, talked a bit about him, no paperwork to fill out. DS2 was eating breakfast and was quite calm, which I thought was typical he should be being ok, but had a huge meltdown before she left.

Don't worry about it, she isn't there to judge. Hope it goes well.

What is she called? Mine had initials JB, just wonder if its the same woman.

Widemouthfrog Mon 06-Apr-09 11:23:44

No not the same one 5. Fingers crossed for tomorrow smile.
I've just re-checked the criteria on their website and we fill them all imo.

5intheEgg Mon 06-Apr-09 12:10:52

So do we. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The lady was really nice, which made me feel at ease. She thinks we will get all 3 things we have asked for, I'd be happy just for one tbh!

Mitchell81 Mon 06-Apr-09 15:38:01

I think it is normal, we had someone visit on our first application about 7 years ago.

Widemouthfrog Sat 25-Apr-09 10:18:05

Just an update - we got our funding grin.
Money for a holiday and £300 for sensory lighting.
I am thrilled.
How did you get on 5inthe bed?

mamadadawahwah Tue 28-Apr-09 17:51:16

I want to apply for money for a holiday, and for a laptop for my boy - do u think we would get it if we fit the criteria, ie. can you ask for two things at once?


Blossomhill Tue 28-Apr-09 18:05:15

How do they work it out if you are self employed? Just not sure if we qualify?

Widemouthfrog Tue 28-Apr-09 20:29:33

Absolutely mamadadawahwah. We got 2 things.
Blossomhill - not sure. Maybe you could give them a call and ask for advice.
I think income cut off is £23,000 and less than £18,000 savings

haanah29 Wed 29-Apr-09 21:27:45

when u have put in for the family fund before do u put in for it from the day u got it oh the day u put in for it

Widemouthfrog Thu 30-Apr-09 09:48:03

I've been told I can reapply 12 months from the day of the award, and not 12 months from the date it was originally submitted.

haanah29 Thu 30-Apr-09 14:13:15

hanks for that i will reapply for it then the last time i put in for it was may last year

cherrymonster Thu 30-Apr-09 14:36:01

am still waiting to hear about mine, put my first application just days after christmas. had a visit four weeks ago and still not heard anything sad

cherrymonster Thu 30-Apr-09 17:13:21

Bastards!!! i have been in a queue on the phone to these people since 4.40, they have just cut me off completely at precisely 5pm when the office shut. i was at queue position one, and they just turned the bloody phones off. do they not see that they have calls waiting??? have only been waiting to do my garden since a few days aftewr bloody christmas! angry

lainey1802 Thu 30-Apr-09 19:55:52

I met the Regional Co-Ordinator at the Kids South (Reading) thingy last year, she gave me her card with her direct details and email add on, Clare Kassa, and mobile 07771 632275, I just ring her direct now (or email) if I have a query, have your reference number to hand and give it a try - Good Luck! wink

cherrymonster Thu 30-Apr-09 20:02:25

they rang me back at 5.30. they have awarded money to do my garden, and a haven holiday!!! grin

Widemouthfrog Thu 30-Apr-09 20:13:56

Fantastic Cherry.

cherrymonster Thu 30-Apr-09 21:19:22

very fantastic!!! grin

5inthebed Thu 30-Apr-09 21:58:08

Excellent Cherry!

Widemouthfrog Thu 30-Apr-09 22:05:28

I've just booked our haven holiday - it cost me £3.50 grin

cherrymonster Thu 30-Apr-09 22:36:28

where are you going frog? and how long for? am interested to know how they award the holidays. do they just say pick a week and an accomodation kind of thing or do they give you a voucher towards the cost?

Widemouthfrog Fri 01-May-09 09:41:00

They give you a credit with Haven. Basically you call haven with your reference number, and then book however you wish. There are no constraints on how you use the money with haven, just that it is used within 9 months. We are going to Devon Cliffs (Exmouth). Fortunately DS is not back at school ubtil 2nd week in sept so we have been able to get a good deal for the August Bank Holiday week as most kids are back at school during that week.
We got £550, but I think the amount awarded is variable.
Check out the haven website for the best deals before you call. We have saved £200 and got a larger caravan just by going Fri-Fri instead of Sat-Sat.

andrewsnana Sun 19-Jun-11 14:34:28

Ive applied to the FF also still waiting to hear back from them though I did recieve a letter to say I should get a visit soon I hope its soon as my washing machine has died and my fridge is mouldy Im desperate

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