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eidsvold Fri 22-Apr-05 13:13:03

A further update on the shoe/afo etc side. Saw the physio today who agreed with me that dd1 is rolling her feet etc!?!?!?! and she has referred me to a great guy ( whose details I got from a parent who referred me to him!) to see about getting dd1 some orthotic shoe inserts to support the foot and prevent the arches falling. Hopefully he can use the new shoes we just spent a fortune buying - as the inserts themselves are very very expensive and at this stage not covered by our nhs equivalent!!! And as we don't have private health cover have to pay for them ourselves...

will let you know more when I do... thanks again for all your suggestions though - greatly appreciated.

Dingle Fri 22-Apr-05 13:27:04

I am so pleased that something is being done for you at last! Do you know roughly how long it will be before you see this man (orthotist?)?

We really need to get dd another pair of little boots for nursery, haven't managed that yet.

It was a nice morning here and we had enough time, so I walked her into school. We waited in the playground until ds went into school and walked around to the nursery. The amount of people that commented on her, and how "grown up" she looked in her little uniform!
I normally only walk her back from nursery at lunch time when it isn't as busy, and we are not so pushed for time!

If I can help at all, please just email me. I can't promise I'll have the answers though!

eidsvold Fri 22-Apr-05 13:42:29

we see him the 16th of May so dh and I joked that we would make dd1 wear her shoes in her sleep up until we see him just in case we need new shoes just to make sure we get our moneys worth no doubt dd2 will fit into them one day!!

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