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Books for Aspergers children

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jmb1964 Fri 22-Apr-05 10:37:56

Our ds1 is going through a phase of asking why he is different. He really rattled his support teacher a few weeks ago by telling her he thought he would end up in a wheelchair. I still haven't really worked out why he thought that, but wonder if he just heard someone talking about some other sort of 'syndrome' and got mixed up. So we thought it was time to try and talk to him a bit more about his diagnosis.
this is a book we're reading at the moment, and he and his older sister are loving it. Does anyone have any other recommendations?
Mrs F if you haven't already seen this, I think your older boys would love it! The 'hero' is a computer whizz, very literal in his understanding, and super-tactless. eg teacher why are you washing your face Ben? Because you just spat on it when you were shouting at me!

jmb1964 Sun 24-Apr-05 21:47:06

bumpity bump.. Mrs F?

coppertop Sun 24-Apr-05 21:59:57

Ds1 is still a bit young for these kinds of books but that really sounds like my kind of book. LOL!

coppertop Mon 25-Apr-05 12:15:51

bump for jmb!

jmb1964 Mon 25-Apr-05 22:57:45

Thanks CT - obviously not a lot of interest/experience here, never mind. I know there are another couple of titles by the same author, so we will work our way through those

KarenThirl Tue 26-Apr-05 10:00:51

It's a difficult one, is this. I've been looking for something similar for J but as he doesn't know his dx yet I can't give him something that specifically mentions Aspergers or Autism. I don't want to tell him until he has a full dx so I've had to put these books on hold. Would be interested to hear some recommendations though, for when the time is right.

MotherEve Wed 27-Apr-05 21:41:31

Tony Attwood recommended "Haze" by Kathy Hoopman as good for boys to see a positive image of ASD.

There is also a book with worksheets called "I am Special" by Peter Vermuelen

monica2 Wed 27-Apr-05 21:58:02

Hi jmb1964 just caught up with this thread, my dd 9 is still struggling with her diagnosis but loved the book you mentioned, the same author has also written "Of Mice and Aliens" very similar, there is also a book written by Kenneth Hall who has AS and has written his own fab book, both have been a real comfort to dd, she has also just finished reading Buster and the Amazing Daisy written by the mum of an AS boy the main character who has AS, (this may be good for you to read to both). Angry Arthur by Hiawyn Oram is a very short story about a very angry little boy which may be of help. The NAS have Finding out about AS/HFA and Pdd by Gunilla Gerland and another "Children with Autism - a booklet for brothers and sisters may be one for the future. I am also currently working through a "self awareness programme" written by dd's asd support worker - she is hoping to get this published soon so will keep you posted.

jmb1964 Wed 27-Apr-05 23:16:40

Thanks Monica and Mothereve - will head to Amazon now. Ds1 has to do a talk about a favourite book this term, and I'm wondering whether to use the Blue Bottle Mystery - will have a word with his teacher I think. At least no more wheelchair stories now!
thanks again

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