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Do I have to see hv to get free nappies ?

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meea Thu 21-Apr-05 11:08:57

Ds2 was 3 on the 6th of April so I spoke to the hv on the phone about free nappies.She was very rude about it and said that because ds2 isn't disabled and hasn't got a diagnosis he wouldn't be eligable.I then got the losts of kids still arent dry at 3 and I should try harder with him.
So I have contacted ds2 paed as I needed a letter explaining his problems for his new nursery as they don't take children who aren't dry unless there is a medical reason .
The consultant has also sent me a letter saying that he should be entitled to free nappies because of his development and motor delays.
So can I bypass the hv ?

MandM Thu 21-Apr-05 11:42:03


This is a subject dear to my heart!
I strated a thread quite a while ago asking for help and advise on how to go about getting free nappies/pull ups as i had also been dismissed by my HV as according to her dd can walk! Well I'm sorry, but if she can, I missed it!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up referring my problem to PALS (Patient Advisory and Liaison Service), who despite being very willing to help, got nowhere and have passed it onto the head of the continence service and surprise, surprise I've heard nothing for over a month despite chasing it at least once a week.

DD is just turned 4 by the way and IMO meets all the criteria by a mile. So, unfortunately I am not much help to you, but will follow with interest, and post an update if we ever get anywhere with this.

Njata Thu 21-Apr-05 11:52:21

You are certainly entitled automatically to free nappies if your child has any problem that has resulted in them being in nappies after the age of 4. I get free nappies for both my boys (4 and nearly 6), even though eldest only needs them at night now. I don't know about younger than that tbh. I did go thru hv, but as MandM said, local health authorities have continence service you could go there for advice. - sadly, they do respond more quickly to a 'professional' than a parent! (paper professional v REAL professional ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH ) so could you go thru school / nursery / playgroup ???

Dingle Thu 21-Apr-05 12:58:06

meea, this was discussed a while ago and like anything else, it seems it varies as to where abouts you live. I know others got them from 3, but we can't get them here for dd (Downs) until she is 4 !! Too many lazy parents not encouraging their children it seems!!!

Davros Thu 21-Apr-05 17:22:28

Bloody HV! Even if she's correct she shouldn't be so rude and insensitive. I do seem to remember that it was at 3 in some areas but 4 in all areas. You must be able to bypass her surely? She sounds grim. Can you find out about local continence svs and use consultant's letter?

Fio2 Thu 21-Apr-05 17:25:14

it really drives me mad! i had free nappies from 3 in staffordshire, went through HV, no probs. Moved to Kent, had to go through HV, was questioned, not by HV but NHS nurse, who apparently is a QUALIFIED LEARNING DISABILITY NURSE. it was right rigmarole, basically most of Kent its free nappies from4, but even we had probs because apparemntlky y daughters problems are MILD

JUST KEEP PUSHING FOR THEM xxx (my daughter doesnt have a diagnosis either, dont know if that makes it worse?)

meea Thu 21-Apr-05 17:40:40

She did confirm that it is 3 in our area.
I will look into bypassing her.
It just made me feel like she thought I was taking the easy way out.

meea Thu 21-Apr-05 17:42:27

She also said that he would have to be assessed.
Not sure what sort of assesment though .Can't help but wonder if they do it to put people off bothering to apply.

anniebear Fri 22-Apr-05 16:01:16

Our HV told us was from the age of 4 but if we got a letter off Ellie's consultant we would be able to get them earlier (she was 3 when we applied)

The assessment was just the HV going through a form with me that she filled in.

meea Tue 03-May-05 11:49:12

Thought I'd update this I have been the see hv this morning armed with letter from consultant.
Saw a diffrent one to the one I spoke to on the phone.She was really helpful and is faxing a request in at lunch time. No assesment or anything we will get a months supply at a time she seemed to think we are allowed 4 nappies a day. So theres no way they will last a month but anything will help.
She did say he may need reassessing in 6 months which is understandable though why they think we would want to keep them in nappies I have no idea.

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