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Riven, have you seen this wheelchair bike on Ebay?

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glitteryb6 Wed 25-Mar-09 11:55:38

one of those bikes with a wheelchair at the front, they reckon they used it from age 4 with a car seat Bikes_GL?hash=item290304763795&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66:2

mshadowsnumber1fan Wed 25-Mar-09 12:09:59


glitteryb6 Wed 25-Mar-09 12:23:25


FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 12:53:49

Message withdrawn

mshadowsnumber1fan Wed 25-Mar-09 12:57:44

fio I put in special needs trikes and this came up

glitteryb6 Wed 25-Mar-09 13:01:55

yeah i saw the tandem one earlier too grin doesnt seem to say what size its for but this is the company in america that makes it

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 13:13:29

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Wed 25-Mar-09 15:08:09

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 15:19:06

Fio, I rode one of those side by side trikes with my stepdaughter at the weekend - they are great fun smile

we hired one from here for an hour's ride around the park

we were there looking into a child carrier bicycle, so dh took the dds round on one f those while dsd & I had a sedate spin on the dual trike.

ohmeohmy Wed 25-Mar-09 15:46:38

these are great. We have the small trike at the moment, very stable. Now I want the trailer trike though that chopper looks really cool too

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 16:15:25

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 16:22:26

we were only there on a trip to test out one of these

am torn between that and this, which we will be testing next week...

my girls are only little (4 and 2) so will be ages before they cycle on their own, and we currently have a perfect run in to school, so am trying to seize the moment and get fit hmm

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 16:27:52

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 16:33:20

that's what we're wanting to find out...

the kangaroo says it takes 2 children up to 150cm tall, which they recken is about 9ish (although dd1 is already pushing 110, at 4 hmm) has separate seats, so no pushing/shoving (well, less anyway grin) and is enclosed so dd1 can't stick her arms out over the side so easily...

the nihola was great fun to ride, but the girls did seem a little squashed already as it's quite narrow... although they too claim to take 2 children up to 8ish... they really loved the ride though.

am ignoring the cost - we're changing cars/downsizing one (whilst upsizing the other hmm) so will find some spare cash there. and I keep telling dh it will cost less than membership to swanky gym around the corner, which I would otherwise be forced into...

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 17:06:33

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 17:13:02

the nihola wasn't at all. I was expecting it to be, as I'm completely unfit atm, but I did 30 mins round dulwich park withut braking a sweat (dd1 weighs about 22kg, dd2 about 10kg, so not the heaviest loads, but not the lightest either).

It had really good gears (so dh says, am lost when it comes to the techno bit), so getting going was easy, then you just trundle along tbh. loved that it was a trike, as was lovely and stable, and could leift dds in and out really easily without having to balance it as well.

both bikes claim to be able to take up to 100kg as a load - not sure I'd fancy pushing that much around...

looked at this one earlier today, but to my mind they've missed a trick, as it only seats up to dd1's age/size - would be perfect otherwise for when she grows out of her current buggy as it converts really easily.

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 17:31:27

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 17:40:42

yep, was hoping that when converted it would be a larger version of my P&T buggy, so that I'd have a standby for the inevitable day dd1 gorws out of that, but sadly not.

might email them about that, though, as they are only just starting up, so might be interested in widening their market...

I never knew there was such a range until i started looking, but need to get one as parking is an absolute nightmare at dd1's school and I usually end up parking about half a mile away

5inthebed Wed 25-Mar-09 17:42:04

Wow those are fab! I would love one of those Kangaroo bikes, the cost would probably mean I'd have to sell one of my kids though grin.

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 17:51:03

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 17:54:18

5inthebed, they are pricey, but not so bad if you look at the price with your eyes closed instead of running a car

fio - really? would be happy to, but was worried I was becoming a bit boring <ignores evidence of thread>

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 18:00:31

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 18:00:57

right, child carrying bikes: (in addition to those already mentioned)

for those with many children

various models according to need

funky, but apparently not as good as it should be

good as folds up for transport, but only really takes small children

some come with just 2 wheels

one that you can attach to your bike then release when child is ready to cycle alone

#marker# 6

blush I am spending far too much time on this, aren't I? blush

am sure I've looked at a few more, will have a think

silverfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 18:02:41

oh sorry, x-posts.

there's a few links to be going on with, will try to remember what else I have seen

FioFio Wed 25-Mar-09 18:03:30

Message withdrawn

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