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On the outside

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happymerryberries Wed 20-Apr-05 15:00:55

I have read the on going thread on NT/SN posting and it has made me want to sit down and write telling you what an impact the SN board has made on me, a mother of NT kids.

I'm sorry up front if this offends in any way.

I have never seen the SN board as a place to see how hard it it for your kids or you (but that is sometimes imposible to miss in you eloquent postings). I now realise how condecending it is to be told, 'but you have a child with SN because you are special'. That said, I am sometimes awed by your ability to do 10 rounds with the council one day and them get up the next and do 10 rounds with your child's school!

In a perfect world we would all see sn children as the wonderful human beings that they are. But as you all know , the world isn't perfect. What I have read on this boards has challened by preconcieved (and wrong) ideas and made me see special needs in a very different way.

I know that wasn't why you were posting, but it has been a massive benefit to me, and I'm sure to anyone else who has read it. I can't believe that people can read of your childrens sucesses and difficulties and not have their mind-set changed.

I realise that you all have far too much to do to change the minds of others and educate the ignorent. I realise that you need to post for you and your kids, not those of us on the outside looking in. But can I just say that what you post has totaly re-worked my view of your world, and as an unintended benefit that can't be bad. So from someone who is on the outside, thank you. And may the day come soon when ignorence like mine doesn't need to be corrected.

chonky Wed 20-Apr-05 15:03:49

That's a lovely post hmb, thanks for posting (it doesn't offend at all, quite the opposite)

Pamina3 Wed 20-Apr-05 15:05:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heartinthecountry Wed 20-Apr-05 15:19:50

hmb - what a lovely thing to post .

heartinthecountry Wed 20-Apr-05 15:21:42

I don't say that because I wish to claim any admiration for myself. Simply because anything that means my dd is going to be more accepted in society means more to me than anything.

RnB Wed 20-Apr-05 15:22:24

Message withdrawn

batters Wed 20-Apr-05 15:24:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thomcat Wed 20-Apr-05 15:32:53

What a wonderful post and just what was needed.
I'm so pleased that you have benefited from the SN section and I'm sure you're not alone there. I think it's brilliant that you read and learn from posts there. Thank you for posting.

For me, one of my big issues with having a child with Down's syndrome is peoples lack of knowledge on what it means to have a child with DS. People often think it's terrible, awful, and couldn't cope with having a child with DS. With the help of MN I truly believe that there are a handful of people who think differently now. That to me is.... well I'm not sure I can put it into words but it's just wonderful that a few people think differently about DS these days, just brilliant.

That's what I've got out of SN.
That and some great advice, some wonderful support when i felt a bit down about one or two things, and it's been great sharing all my high with people who understand how high those highs can be.

I hope many people continue to get as much out of this section as I have.

happymerryberries Wed 20-Apr-05 15:37:15

TBH Thomcat your posts have been some of the most 'educational' IYSWIM. And as an outcome I have re-worked the teaching that I do on this topic in school as well.

Thomcat Wed 20-Apr-05 15:41:42

Well that's wonderful and I'm so happy about that. Personally speaking, I can't ask for more or for better than that. I hope we can all continue to learn from each other and support each other for a long time yet.

Dingle Wed 20-Apr-05 16:03:30

To me- it's not people's ignorance that is at fault, I was very ignorant to it all up until 3 and a half years ago. But what does get to me, is people's unwillingness to learn and blinkered approaches. Wouldn't it be just fine to turn a blind eye to all the awful, hurtful, heartbreaking things in life and pretend they just don't happen.
I have learnt so very, very much on this SN board since last August and if it can help me, who started off with some, all be it only a little, then hopefully others can learn from it too.

BTW, I gather something has gone on today, I'm not sure what and I certainly don't intend to cause any upset. I hope I haven't spoken out of turn!

Jayzmummy Wed 20-Apr-05 16:05:17

HMB...cant say much more than Thank You for your wonderful post...sitting here snivelling...just wish everyone would be as understanding.

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