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Social Stories - Can anyone suggest a good one for this sort of thing please?

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Merlot Wed 20-Apr-05 09:47:52

Social Stories - Any good recommendations for this situation?

My friend was met in the playground yesterday by her son (8 years old) teacher. Apparently he has been showing off his w1lly with a group of other children. My friend's son is currently being assessed for statementing (has other behavioural issues) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend with any age appropriate social stories for this sort of thing as I thought it might help him.

Grateful for anything anyone can add or if they can point me to a previous thread - couldn't find one myself though

Jimjams Wed 20-Apr-05 11:42:23

Think it's always best to make one up tbh. I don;t have any (ds1 not at that stage) but if your friend can get to see a few the style is usually fairly easy to copy.

jmb1964 Wed 20-Apr-05 12:37:14

Yes, agree with Jimjams. Lots of scope for laminating and (discreet) photos to make it individual for the child in question.

Jimjams Wed 20-Apr-05 12:39:56

Maybe that's what I should use to stop ds1 picking his bum and sniffing it (oh such a lovely habit). At least I would have a photo of him smiling

I've tried just making him wipe his hands and ignoring it- but he now screams for a wipe if he picks it and can't get hold of one..... even at 4am- oh joy joy joy alive.....

Merlot Wed 20-Apr-05 13:10:09

Thanks everyone

I've found a website about social stories now, so I'll point her in that direction

She has trouble with her son scratching and sniffing too Jimjams

MotherEve Wed 20-Apr-05 13:54:44

We had probs with my son on this - he'd get his willy put, stuff his finger in the foreskin and then sniff his fingers! Did not go down well with the other NT kids. There's more - but not good for public reporting

We found out that it was due to sensory issues - he has either a heightened sense of smell or needs to smell things to stimulate himself.

We took him to the chemist - let him choose a soap he liked the smell of [apple] and then cut the soap into small chunks - he keeps one in his pocket and gets it out to sniff - still needs reminders but it has decreased the other sniffing.

This wouldn't work for everyone but thought I'd share it.

PS - Do not leave the soap in the pocket when washing the trousers!

Davros Wed 20-Apr-05 15:20:04

ROFL at the scratching and sniffing! DS has had some horrid habits but, as he is very closely supervised and mostly 1:1 its easier to manage. I used to have to march him home with a wedgie when he wanted to wee in the street..... then I'd let him if we were away from home, consistency eh?

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