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TheRealMrsF / Nystagmus

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WestCountryLass Tue 19-Apr-05 21:13:51

Hi there

Thanks for your message in the 'cow' thread. I am in Bristol so not a million miles away.

With regard to my DS, his condition, nystagmus, is a sight condition. He was born 6 weeks early and it is thought that having too much oxygen when he was born caused it, although he could have been born with it anyway.

Basically his eyes move uncontrollably from side to side. Here is a better explanation:

At the moment DSs sight does not seem adversely affected, he has good hand eye coordination etc but he has started saying he 'feels all wobbly' and he does head tilt.

The sorts of issues he might have is sight deterioration, difficulty reading/writing due to his eyes 'jumping' around and in the future, things like getting a driving license, limitations of employment amongst other things.

DS also had a tongue tie which was clipped when he was 1 and he had glue ear until he was 2.5, both of which has delayed his speech but he is catching up with his peers now he is at pre-school (he is an October birthday and is lucky to have two years at pre-school).

So that in a nutshell is it!

Thanks for being interested

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