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First Link Education session.

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Jayzmummy Tue 19-Apr-05 00:18:09

J is having his first Link Education session at home in the morning.
House is a it'll be a quick tidy in the morning and then I'll probably spend the duration of the visit trying to prise him out from underneath his bed!!!!
The teacher phoned tonight and I was pretty impressed. She emailed over a picture of herself so he could see what she looks like and
I have prepared him as best I can for his new teacher visiting but I dont think he is a happy bunny about the idea of having a teacher in the house...wish me luck.

Abacus Tue 19-Apr-05 00:49:05

Good luck Jazymummy! Hope you are all fine, all things considered!

Most impressed that the teacher sent a photo in advance - why can't they all be like that!

Davros Tue 19-Apr-05 07:39:43

Wow, sounds very promising. Let us know how it goes.

Blossomhill Tue 19-Apr-05 08:01:41

Good luck Jayzmummy. Hope it all goes well

KarenThirl Tue 19-Apr-05 11:35:45

Hope it's gone well, look forward to hearing an update.

Jayzmummy Tue 19-Apr-05 13:40:31

WOW!!!! Link Education Teacher is bloody fantastic. I really really like her but more imporatntly we are both of the same mind as regards to J's educational requirements.

I was worried she would take the softly, softly approach and try to win him way...she is even firmer with him than me!!!!

Nice to see she had come prepared with a visual time table and her little ticking timer. Both startegies I use daily with J.

J had a major meltdown when she arrived which entailed him climbing out of the lounge window and legging it down the lane....with me full pelt after him. Lots of screaming and shouting later he finally calmed down....amazing how when he hoovers he settles down.

L, the teacher, just sat around drinking tea and chatting with me whilst wee man hoovered to his hearts content then when he was calmer she made a start.

Really knows her stuff and very reassuring to know she understands so much about ASD.....most of which she has researched herself from using forums such as this!!!!

Interestingly enough she has been on quite a few BIBIC training sessions and really spoke highly of the CP whom assessed J a couple of weeks ago.

The LEA have agreed 5 hours a week BUT she wants to come more often....every day from 9.30 - off she trots now to LEA to tell them J needs more than 5 hours and if they dont cough up, not to worry because she will come anyway out of her own free time because she wants the experience of working with a child with ASD.

She recognised so many of J's ASD traits and to be quite honest it was a huge relief to have someone around who didnt look at me like I was a stark raving loony when I was explaining J's ways.

So onwards and upwards was quite lovely having a couple of hours to myself. She took total control of J and I drifted off into my conservatory to make some cards.

Looking forward to tomorrow now...L is taking J to the park...have told her to make sure she has her running shoes on!!!!
Swimming on Thursday after he has done some work on the computer with her.

Just sad that he has had to wait over 6 months for this....but hey its a good start to get him back on track.

KarenThirl Tue 19-Apr-05 14:41:17

Good God, that was positive, wasn't it? No wonder you're feeling so pleased about it. Did J take to her OK after his initial blow-up? She sounds incredibly dedicated, I can't imagine there are many like her around.

maddiemo Tue 19-Apr-05 16:42:23

Glad it went so well

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