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SEN-Annual review tomorrow

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chatee Mon 18-Apr-05 21:56:06

Please can you help me,
tomorrow is dd's annual review and i am absolutely dreading it.....last year the guy from the LEA didn't even turn up
anyway everyone that i know that has a child with s/n had their reviews done in feb/march and all have had their support hours cut back, a couple are even going to tribunal.I feel ours is last again and we're going to have a battle again from the beginning just to get a minimum level of support....
please give me words of wisdom and ideas for the meeting please.....
ps apologies if it takes a while to get back but computer is v.slow this eve and keeps sticking

Davros Mon 18-Apr-05 22:12:28

God, don't know what to say. We've got Ds's on Weds and I've got no idea what I'm going to say, anything to keep things as they are. To cut support hours I thought they have to prove that they aren't needed if they are in the statement rather than they haven't got them iyswim. Is the number of hours quantified in the statement? If they are you're on safer ground but poss a battle.

chatee Mon 18-Apr-05 22:26:09

thanks davros,
so if it says dd has X hours support they can't change it without a valid reason?
what about provision of physio/ot needs?
ot is so under staffed up here and although when she started school the ot visited a few times in a couple of months, dd has been coping ok so ot is thinking of discharging her..........but it took us 2 years to get that first visit[aaaahhhhh} i don't want to lose the contact now, especially as i don't know which classroom they are proposing to use for dd and her class
i really feel sick about this meeting tomorrow-we've had to put ds in nursery extra to cover this meeting as well

chatee Mon 18-Apr-05 22:46:46

Anyone else please......

Jimjams Mon 18-Apr-05 22:58:11

I think OT will always be a problem (and physio) as its defined as a health need rather than an educational need (so goes into parts 5 and 6 and means jack all). However there is a case on the IPSEA website where a family did manage to convnce a tribunal or court (can't remember which) that OT was an educational need and it went into parts 2 and 3 - Have a look at their website- if you start quoting case numbers at them they sometimes get a bit worried and take the path of least resistance.

Jimjams Mon 18-Apr-05 22:59:00

can you get hold of the OT on the phone before the meeting and get her take on it?

chatee Mon 18-Apr-05 23:36:51

thanks all,
just had a look at the ipsea to bed before the battle begins tomorrow....will let you know how we get on....

Davros Tue 19-Apr-05 07:28:36

Good luck chatee, just remember that to take stuff away and out of the statement they have to have very good reasons, recent assessments etc. Try to stand up to them if it comes to that, they often buckle if a parent is adamant and seems to know what they are talking about (pretend you do even if you don't!).

Fio2 Tue 19-Apr-05 17:36:45

what happens? i have one in a fortnight and have got away without having one before?

how did it go chatee?

i have a few forms to fll out, one for dd to fill out HERSELF, who has severe learning disabilities and cant talk or write!

Jayzmummy Tue 19-Apr-05 18:08:44

Hope your review went well.

Davros Tue 19-Apr-05 22:33:12

Hi Fio, I'm a bit "concerned" about our Annual Review tomorrow. Mostly I just don't want to rock the boat. I'll let you know if anything interesting comes up or any top tips. I have done a few before but its been reltively easy. In the last year DS's school has moved out of our borough and he is coming up to secondary when they might try to move him (over my dead body). Would love to hear how Chatee got on...

chatee Tue 19-Apr-05 22:40:48

thanks for remembering us....
well the guy from the lea chaired the meeting as it wad the schools senco first ever child with a statement, dd also has a fairly newly qualified teacher as well[i think it's the teachers 2nd year]and her first experience of a child with s/n BUT they are both great people and DO their best always.managed to catch OT on the walk in and had a quick chat-she was absolutely marvellous in the meeting and gave the lea chap a run for his money....quoting health and safety, and various regulations and studies that have happened in recent years-I don't know what we would have done without her
It was agreed by all at the meeting that the statement needs to be maintained and that the differences between our dd and her peers would be getting wider in the next 12 months as the reception children become year 1's and obviously gain more independence.
also discussed about dd's mobility issues for instance going on school trips-suggestions made to a s/n buggy which dh and i strongly object too, so looking into a small wheelchair with adaption to carry her k walker as well so that she is still independent
just need to wait for the proposed statement to come through.......will let you all know how it goes
physio didn't make it to the meeting, did ask about it being mentioned on her statement but lea chap was a bit vague here....will wait and see what happens with regard to the whole statement
thanks all for your support chatee xx

ps:Fio2-make sure you fill in your form about parental comments-and stress on it your wishes, also complete the form with your dd as all forms are completed and circulated to all involved in the meeting and every form is discussed at the meeting so you have less chance of forgetting to ask for something if you have already wrote it dowm iyswim...good luck yourself

Davros Tue 19-Apr-05 22:51:05

So sounds quite good Chatee and quite constructive. Just have to wait to see what is in the Statement and, without kicking up a stink, you could still ask for changes/additions etc. I'm trying to give as little input as possible tomorrow which is not normally my way, I'm just going to play it by ear....

Davros Wed 20-Apr-05 16:55:23

We had our review today, which I was dreading for reasons posted below. And I knew the EP wasn't coming, who is really nice, but an LEA man..... possibly therefore someone interested in £££££
It went very well, I was stiff as a board, trying to say as little as possible (not easy!). Not only did the LEA man suggest moving SLT into Part III but he agreed that we should keep the working "...Lovaas and ABA....", just in case we ever move and it would help us get the same elsewhere!!!!!!
So Fio, any thoughts? I reckon you'll be pretty safe as you don't want to change anything do you? If they want to change something they have to make a bloody good case. Its horrible to have this looking though isn't it?

maddiemo Wed 20-Apr-05 16:59:17

Pleased that you both had good reviews. It is a shame that they become something that you dread and feel like yet another hurdle to jump.

Ds3 is due for his next month.

Hope all goes well Fio

Davros Wed 20-Apr-05 17:00:54

What are you expecting Maddie? Just status quo (not the band ) or looking for something extra or new?

lou33 Wed 20-Apr-05 17:04:13

we have ours in may

maddiemo Wed 20-Apr-05 17:07:16

I am expecting the status quo for the next year.

However, due to my LEA's mainstreaming policy and change of provision we will be probably going mainstream from yr3 onwards. He could mainstream in terms of behaviour as he is very very passive and quiet. He will not learn anything and I expect he will be very unhappy.

If it comes to worst case senario we will remove from school and home ed. I am already saving money for solicitor

Davros Wed 20-Apr-05 17:10:32

Blimey Maddie, need to get your loins girded then. Have you looked at any solicitors? I know there's one company called something like SEN Legal, I think the woman I've heard recommended from there is Melinda Nettleton, could find out.

maddiemo Wed 20-Apr-05 17:13:49

Davros Thanks could be helpful. One of my local sn dads is a solicitor. The company he works for are just setting up an SEN department. Where I live they certainly need it. Hope to see how they get on with their first run of cases.

Fio2 Thu 21-Apr-05 07:57:11

<<tip toes in>>

solicitors, scarey

Dont know what they want to change davros. i am finding it all a bit much tbh. i wish they would just leave us alone and let them settle in school without bothering us tbh.

had an absolutely AWFUL report off the physio last week which i am still blubbing about now. the whole thing is making me quite depressed

Davros Thu 21-Apr-05 08:25:51

Hi Fio, stick my neck out here and say that I think you've got very little to worry about with the Annual Review. The chances of them changing anything at this stage are very small I would think. Don't suppose that will help though as you are obviously very down and that assessment won't have helped. Is it filling in the parent form that's getting to you too? Just do your best or don't do it, its always an option. I didn't with mine yesterday and no-one said a dickie bird! You can always say that you didn't know what to put (which is what I was going to say) or you haven't had time.
Maddie, that local dad's company sounds like a very good option if they are ready at the same time as you need them, it sounds like you would certainly be able to get on with them. Do you want me to give you a list of solicitors who deal with SN? I have got one but I don't know about most of them personally, they are just ones that people have used who are on an EGroup I use. Let me know.

Fio2 Thu 21-Apr-05 08:48:46

i havent a clue davros. but i think its the having to go and sit and hear how crap she is doing at school and i am dreading they say she has to go to mainstream or something. Struggling really hard to see postives at the moment. Going through one of thoise stages I think

Davros Thu 21-Apr-05 08:54:43

Can anyone go with you Fio? Is DH able to take time off? I think it would be a good idea not to go alone if at all possible. Sorry if there isn't anyone as that might make you feel worse

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