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Made me smile...

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eidsvold Mon 18-Apr-05 05:15:12

Am looking for something to share with others on our Aussie mothers day about being the parent of a child with special needs.

Found these though - must remember some of them.. I know some people ask as they really want to know but sn mums will get it when I say it gets a bit much sometimes.

1. Do you ever feel bad she isn't normal?
If it looks like a kid, smells like a kid, complains like a kid....
A person with Down syndrome may be different from you or I in some ways but they are more like us than not. They are normal.

2. They are such happy people aren't they? *get this one all the time*
Yes, scientists have isolated happiness to the 21st chromosome.
Like all people, they have their own individual personalities. Some are grumpier than others.

3. Does he have Down syndrome?
I dunno, why dont you ask him?
Why yes, and he also can hear you, and speak to you about it.

4. When she grows up will she live on her own?
She better, otherwise Daddy will get out the shotgun!
We are hoping that she will be able to live as independent a life as she can.

5. You don't look old enough to have a child with Down's.
My teenager thinks otherwise.
75-80% of all children with Down syndrome are born to mother under the age of 35.

6. Why can't she talk?
She has nothing to say.
She has a harder time getting the muscles in her mouth to cooperate.

7. She must not have it very bad? *had this one*
No, we give her three meals a day.
It is like pregnancy you either are or you aren't.

8. Do you think they'll find a cure for Down syndrome?
I hope not!

9. Did they find out what caused him to have Down syndrome?
It was caused by sex.
A fluke of nature.

10. Was your child born with Down syndrome?
She was ok when she was born, then one day we went to the store, she got real close to a person with Down syndrome and that is when it happened.

Jayzmummy Mon 18-Apr-05 05:23:52

Especially like number 9.

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