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don't you just hate it when.........

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anniebear Sun 17-Apr-05 20:56:41

Babies that were born when your SN child was a toddler/young child over take your child with their development.

This has happened a few times with us. When Ellie was 18 months a few people we know had babies. Now Ellie is 3.7 years I see these 'babies' now and again and they can talk and understand more than her.

I remember one Mum telling me her 10 month old was pulling herself up and walking round the furniture. It took the edge off my happiness as the previous week we were so pleased that Ellie had done it, at aged 2yrs though

Makes me feel sad.

Sorry, my posts are all so depressing!!!

Jimjams Sun 17-Apr-05 22:08:24

DS2 did this to ds1- suppose ds3 will some time. I did hate it but now ds2 is so far ahead (he's just 3) that I don't really notice. Is depressing though when I think about it.

Davros Sun 17-Apr-05 22:10:31

Agree, our 2 yr old has more language, play and interaction than DS who is 7.5 years older

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