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Future ADD/ADHD???

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StillUnderThirthy Wed 11-Mar-09 18:41:31

Hi,My 20 months old dd brings me here today.

She is really short-tempered, yesterday dh wanted to show her how to put two block together, and she tried but after two second when it did not work she just threw the blocks away and started go aaah (as in leave me alone your game sucks I wanna run with the remote instead)

She is going to do that too in other situation, is she cannot bring the food to her mouth she will throw the spoon away, is she does not succeed in climbing the sofa to get her toy she will start to complain.

It feel it compromises her learning (she is dev. delayed-brain injury). I was wondering if any of you who has a pre-schooler remembers this type of behavior? Maybe these are the first symptoms?

thank you for your input.


StillUnderThirthy Wed 11-Mar-09 19:00:35

Forgot to mention that she cannot be read to, whenever I sit with her she will wiggle away or try to [hmmm] chew the book...

BriocheDoree Wed 11-Mar-09 19:13:30

Well, hard to say at this age. My 20-month DS can act like this and I put it down to normal frustration. In fact, I'm pretty sure he's NT (find it hard to be 100% certain) and my SN DD wouldn't have been at all like this at that age, and she's got PDD with attention / concentration issues.

BriocheDoree Wed 11-Mar-09 19:15:11

Sorry, x-posted there. Don't know about the not being read to thing. DS will only sit still to be read to if the book is fairly simple language and something that interests him.

misscutandstick Wed 11-Mar-09 20:03:33

DS1 (16y) is ADHD, and he wasnt like that at all, he didnt concentrate long enough on anything to get stressed about it grin, i could hide his fave thing under a blanket in front of him and within seconds he would have just wandered off and forgotton about it. Incidentally he could build a tower 8 blocks high by his 2y assessment, but im not sure how relevant that is - i just assumed he was genius back then grin

I agree with the story thing, it was a waste of time - but my present 3.10y is really only just being able to sit and enjoy a story.

misscutandstick Wed 11-Mar-09 20:05:13

sorry forgot to mention, my post does not imply that your daughter either is or isnt, just trying to reflect on my own childs developement.

there are some good 'symptom' lists about probably worth a read and see what you think. give me a mo and i will try and find one for you.

StillUnderThirthy Wed 11-Mar-09 20:05:46

Hi Brioche,
When you say:
"and my SN DD wouldn't have been at all like this at that age, and she's got PDD with attention / concentration issues.", what do you mean? I am not familiar with PDD, but I am worried about attention / concentration issues, so was your dd better/worse? txs

misscutandstick Wed 11-Mar-09 20:22:38

just had a quick re-read of your post. Sorry i didnt catch that she had developmental delays. DS5 2.9y has GDD (unknown cause) is not ready for stories yet, look/point and say (or he would he if was verbal) seem about his level. basic 'picture' books which name items. For a story to hold attention, the child has to be able to understand a sequence of events, A does this - B went there - c laughed because of A, kinda thing. DS5 does not have that understanding yet, basic cause and effect, and so does not really 'get' stories and gets bored very quickly.

IMO I would think that as your daughter is delayed, arriving at the 'terrible 2's stage would be a wonderful sign smile if not wonderful to live with grin. DS5 is yet to learn he can defy, say no, or refuse anything. It IS an important step in developement to be able to do it.

StillUnderThirthy Wed 11-Mar-09 21:17:08

thank you for your words of encouragement, yes she does show signs of the terrible twos and yes it makes me so happy.

So you know how it is, with GDD(my dd), you always wonder if her actions are "normal", or if it's her delays causong her behaviour...and in my case it's my first so I don't have a reference, unlike you... 5? wow!

BriocheDoree Wed 11-Mar-09 21:32:36

StillUnder30, PDD is "pervasive developmental delay" (not quite severe enough to be autism might be another way of putting it. Basically DD has language disorder and social / communication problems). What I meant when I said "not like that at that age" was pretty much what MissCut was saying, i.e. she hadn't yet learnt that she could defy me. She wasn't "stroppy" until about 2.5 / 3 whereas with DS it's starting already.
I have a similar problem - DD is my eldest so I never know whether her behaviour is "normal" for her age or due to her "issues" smile

WasUnderThirthy Sat 27-Apr-13 18:49:51

Follow up
My dd has been dx with ADHD and, incidentally, autism.

She is still struggling with patience, but is currently in a good learning phase. wink

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