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For Dingle

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eidsvold Sat 16-Apr-05 23:23:23

I also posted on the a bit down thread but thought you might miss it...

Ahh Dingle - just wanted to let you know we have bought dd some clarks first step boots for winter thinking they will give her added support. SHe really rolls her ankles in when she is walking. We also bought her some trainers - soft and not so chunky trainers. The woman at the shoe store was brilliant.

When I asked about trainers she bought out two pairs - she looked at one and just said nope - too clompy - not good but these will be perfect ( soft cute pink trainers)

As I watched dd1 walking around a friend's garden - she was putting her feet down inside arch first - no ball to heel..... SO am fired up to speak to physio about splits or foot supports or something on Friday when we see her again.

So if I have no success - I might take you up on your offer of the boots - although they may be expensive to send and I would not want to put you out. Am also thinking if she is not referred by the physio to get the GP to refer her to a podiatrist......

any hints on what I should say to the physio?!?!? She seems reluctant to refer people for AFO's - the little girl I mentioned in my first post also sees the same physio and she was really reluctant to refer her too.

Dingle Sun 17-Apr-05 00:03:02

DD doesn't get Piedros anymore, not since getting her AFOs. But she doesn't have to wear them all the time. TBH eidsvold, I am tempted to get dd a pair of Timberlands. Even the orthotist commented on them, and they were only hand downs from ds. They are lovely and high around the ankle, much more so than the Piedros we were given. Whether that would be enough for your dd though!! She may need some form of arch support.

I picked up a postage charges leaflet the other day to get costs for posting my cards, I will take a look tomorrow and see if I could find out how much the boots would be to post to you. What size is dd now?

I really don't know what to suggest otherwise, it took our physio a year or dithering around as to whether or not she needed AFOs! I can't remember who it was that said so, but when I was a bit upset about the AFO news, another MNetter reassured me about the impact they had on their childs walking,,,oh, how true that was. After only 4 months, dd is walking so much better. Her wide gait has lessened, she is much more stable, and her knees aren't so hyper-flexed. When she is not wearing her AFOs she still has a tendancy to bend from the waist, keeping her legs straight, I will call to her "bend your knees" and she automatically responds! (well most of the time) I do however sound like a broken record!

eidsvold Sun 17-Apr-05 10:51:09

I can see the difference on the little girl who goes to our playgroup. Will definitely check to see how she goes with these boots we bought her.

And nag the physio.

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