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What do you think significant social communication disorder means?

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Blossomhill Thu 05-Mar-09 21:35:49

It was how new school I want dd to go to described dd in the report they sent. They know she has Aspergers.

notfromaroundhere Thu 05-Mar-09 21:46:18

Did the school do their own assessment on your DD? Going on DS1 and his ASD dx, the ADOS test results put him in the Social Communication Disorder category but I believe only a Paediatrician can make a formal dx of ASD (which is what happened in conjunction with the test).

So perhaps they are going on their own observations but are not "allowed" to state a formal DX IYSWIM?

Blossomhill Thu 05-Mar-09 21:55:00

Yeah true thing is they have all reports with a clear Aspergers dx from CAMHS so it's fine but just wondered what difference was. Thanks

TotalChaos Fri 06-Mar-09 09:34:40

I suppose I would just see it as being part of what makes up Aspergers, so I wouldn't see it as really adding anything different. Possibly as notfromaroundhere said, the school is limited in what they can DX based on their own tests, so feel they can't say Aspergers iyswim.

allytjd Fri 06-Mar-09 12:34:50

Social communication disorder is what Ed psych's use meaning ASD, as they are not allowed to formally diagnose asds like Asperger's so it is the term that gets used in schools a lot , but i don't see why they are using it if your DC has a formal DX. Social commuication disorder is DS2's only DX but that is because we haven't pushed for a formal DX yet.

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