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Special needs role call :)

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Blossomhill Fri 15-Apr-05 13:41:36

I hope you don't mind but there have been so many new people and I thought it would just be nice to remind ourselves of who is who

Well I'll start with I am a 30yr old SAHM, been married 3 years (although together 9) and I have 1 ds (aged 7) who is nt but going through a bit of a teenage phase at the moment. I then have dd is 5 (6 in August), she has a high level pragmatic disorder which effects her ability to have conversations and socialise (although she does try really hard). Dd is currently doing very well in a speech and language unit attached to a mainstream school.
We have just recently come back from Bibic and it was such an amazing experience and we learnt so, so much about dd. More in 3 days with them than the whole 4 years through the normal channels!

KarenThirl Fri 15-Apr-05 13:48:52

That's such a good idea. I'm crap at remembering people and their histories.

I'm 44, married for 12 years, 1 ds aged 6 currently being assessed for AS. I haven't worked since J was a year old as I have ME. J's in mainstream school and doing well as he has very understanding and supportive teachers, they have very little trouble with him there. It's harder at home because of the naughty little 'normal' six year old within who keeps challenging the rules. We live in sunny Gateshead (someone has to).

JakB Fri 15-Apr-05 13:55:12

Marvellous idea Blossom! I am 34 and 'virtually' a SAHM (do the odd bit of journalism here and there which is what I did before kids). I live in Brighton (where I studied). I've been married for 3 years (together 5, it was a whirlwind romance as you will see when you read how old our children are!). I have dd, 4, (5 in December) who is classically/severely/fantastically autistic and ds, 2, (3 in November) who is apparently NT. DD is doing a home-based ABA programme and doing very well considering all her difficulties. She's at an early level of communication (using PECS and some increasingly meaningful 'grunts'!) and will hopefully be going to a very good local SLD/PMLD school with an autistic unit in September/January time. Life is generally a rollercoaster (sound like Ronan Keating! ) and find amazing support on here- with the ups, and the downs...

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 13:55:29

What a good idea! I'm always looking back through old threads to remind myself about people's details.

I'm 28, have been married for 5 years but together for 12. I am a full-time civil servant and so is dh, we live in Lancashire. We have one dd, Marley, who was four this week. She has William's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Currently she is in mainstream nursery, with full-time one-to-one support and will go into Mainstream Reception, again with full-time support in September.

I have put our family photo on the members profiles board but there don't seem to be that many other SN mums who have posted photos on there. Would be nice to see if you all like how I imagine you all!

Blossomhill Fri 15-Apr-05 13:59:02

MandM - saw the photo and you have a very gorgeous family Dd is so beautiful (like her mum!)

JakB Fri 15-Apr-05 14:01:35

MandM, what a stunning picture!
Model family...

Merlot Fri 15-Apr-05 14:06:11

I'm 39, married for 13 (unlucky for some ) years and have two sons. Ds1 is 8 and NT (but also showing teenage tendancies BH!) - he is a lovely lad and a great elder brother to Ds2 who is 19 months and has no dx yet, other than global delay. He has started to cruise around the furniture, but is not walking yet - which is difficult because he is the size of a 3 1/2 year old! It has been suggested that ds2 might have a form of overgrowth syndrome (giantism), but no-one really knows at this stage - we are in the throes of a whole load of blood/genetic tests . He also has communication difficulties - he doesnt babble as such, nor does he point or is able to follow a point or gaze. He is adorable though - when he is not pulling my hair (which seems to be another sensory passtime of his! ) We live near Godalming in Surrey.

Merlot Fri 15-Apr-05 14:10:47

MandM - great picture - I had better do a bit better at weight watchers before I put my picture on here

chonky Fri 15-Apr-05 14:14:37

Good idea Blossom

I'm 29, have been married 18 months, and together for 3 and a half. I'm currently a SAHM.

My dd is 1 tomorrow (another whirlwind romance )!!! We have no clear diagnosis for her yet, apart from global dev delay, although cerebral palsy has been discussed. She is still struggling with head control, and can't reach out for toys, so even sitting looks like a long way off. She also has vision problems - delayed visual maturation/cortical visual impairment(?), nystagmus and a squint. She is absolutely gorgeous and a real little monkey .

We live in Gloucestershire.

heartinthecountry Fri 15-Apr-05 14:15:54

Good idea BH.

Okay, I am 34, married for 18 months. We have dd who is 2.5 and has Aicardi Syndrome (v.rare) which means she has learning disabilities and epilepsy (infantile spasms). She has recently started commando crawling everywhere and last week signed her first two-word sentance 'more biscuit' (can't think who she takes after )

I work p/t for a book publisher. Any other spare time I have I am trying to get funding to set up a website for families of children with SN. Infact it would be great if anyone who hasn't already could fill in the questionnaire here to help get funding. Thanks ladies!

chonky Fri 15-Apr-05 14:18:28

LOL at the 'more biscuit'

KarenThirl Fri 15-Apr-05 14:22:25

OK, I admit to being very, very dim. How do I get to see these photos, then? Anyone do me a link?

Blossomhill Fri 15-Apr-05 14:22:45

HITC - that's great news

Merlot Fri 15-Apr-05 14:25:50

photos should be here!

Merlot Fri 15-Apr-05 14:27:45

HITC - That is great news about your dd I'm off on my first Makaton course on Monday - I want to find out what More Wine is!!

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 14:28:02

Thanks for the compliments girls - flattery will get you everywhere . Now get your acts together and get yours' posted on!

Karen - If you got back to the Talk homepage and scroll down to the 'mumsnet stuff'section there is a board called 'Member Profiles' where MNers can post photos of themselves dds/dss - the SN mums are very few and far between on there though!!!!

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 14:29:04

Thank you Merlot!
Gosh my very own link. Now I feel like a real Mumsnetter and not a new girl anymore!

Abacus Fri 15-Apr-05 14:37:41

Hello all, newbie here. Have been reading the pages for a little while - recommended here by another Mumsnetter.

I live in Hampshire, married for 16 years (been together 25) and have two children - DD1 is 13 (going on 18!) and DS1 is 10, with Aspergers.

Know a couple of people on here from other sites so hoping to catch up with them soon.

Blossomhill Fri 15-Apr-05 14:41:44

Welcomne to mumsnet Abacus

I am sure you will find this site, especially the special needs board very helpful!

Potty1 Fri 15-Apr-05 14:49:14

Hi, I'll introduce myself too, although I don't count us as special needs as such more 'extra care' IYKWIM.

I'm 41, married for 20 years and have ds1, 16, ds2, 13 and dd whose 11. Dd has significant congenital heart disease that isn't yet 'fixable', though we live in hope, and a leg length discrepancy.

I am in awe of many of the SN mums here. The battles who have to go through to get your children what they need just beggars belief.

RnB Fri 15-Apr-05 15:09:16

Message withdrawn

geogteach Fri 15-Apr-05 15:15:54

Hi, I'm 34 and mum to DS1, 4, DD 22 months and DS2 6 months. DS1 was diagnosed as having a severe hearing loss last year, wears aids and is having a 2nd grommet operation next week. Currently having genetic tests etc. In mainstream pre school doing fine, will start school in September. DS2 has some sort of delay in the use of his hands (esp thumbs) seems to be catching up but lots of hospital appointments (just to add to DS1's!). I am on maternity leave but about to go back for 6 weeks before quitting, see if you can guess what I do! We live in Surrey

Jimjams Fri 15-Apr-05 15:23:37

I'm 34- SAHM with 5 home based jobs (seriosuly I've been collecting them). 3 kids, ds1 who'll be 6 in May- non-verbal autistic, ds2 who is 3 and as NT as they come and ds3 who is 3 months and is also NT (I know already).

ds1 has made my parenting experience - um - interesting so far, and has changed me beyond belief.

Jimjams Fri 15-Apr-05 15:26:59

oh and should say ds1 did 4 terms in mainstream whoich was stressful for all and he now attends a fantastic SLD/PMLD school. He has an ABA therapist come on Saturdays.

cupboardy Fri 15-Apr-05 15:33:25

27, married 7 yr, have dd 5 with severe learning disabilities (undiagnosed) and ds 3

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