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Pretty sure i did the right thing?

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jenk1 Wed 04-Mar-09 16:10:54

Its DD,s birthday next month,since xmas went
shes been planning her party,i have to talk through it every single night before she goes to bed as its part of her routine.

shes been coming home from school and saying things like x can come, i like her and x isnt coming to my party, when i ask why she says "i dont like her hair". shock, anyway yesterday she came home with a cardboard thing that x whos hair she doesnt like had made for me so that she can come to dd,s party.

DH and i discussed it and decided i would tell her teacher,so i went in today and told her what dd had been saying,she tried to brush it off and said that they all say whos going to whos party,so i told her what dd had been saying about x,s hair and how she had made me a present so she could come.

well she looked at me as if i was crazy and said shed have a word with x,so i said but its not x, its DD shes bribing children to make things for her mum and telling them they can come to the party if they do, so she brushed me off again and i came out feeling like an idiot.

5inthebed Wed 04-Mar-09 16:55:53

Not too sure what to say? Did your DD tell the teacher it was her who told X to make it for you, or was it X who told the teacher your DD told her to make it?

2shoes Wed 04-Mar-09 16:58:58

oh the little minx(did you inwardly chuckle)

jenk1 Wed 04-Mar-09 17:04:26

no it was DD who told ME that she told x to make the cardboard bracelet for me so then i would let her come to dd,s party.

i have explained to DD that its not the usual way to go about inviting people to your party but it went in one ear and out of another,i just thought surely someone must have been sat with them when they were making the cardboard things and overheard,cos there is a teacher and 4 LSA,s in the class and the teacher should be aware of whats going on.

i must admit i had to stop myself from laughing,even tho if it was my DD who had made a gift for another mum i wouldnt be too happy.

2shoes Wed 04-Mar-09 17:16:07

sorry I shouldn't have laughed, but it is so normal

jenk1 Wed 04-Mar-09 17:20:44

oh i no 2shoes that was my first reaction,i was shocked and then had to turn away so she couldnt see me struggling to compose myself!!

DH said DD wouldntdo that,she wouldnt make a child make something to come to the party and
i said yes she would,she doesnt like x,shes said it every day since she started there,i dont like x i dont like her hair.

i think x wants to be her friend but because her hair is curly DD is having none of it,so shes setting her tasks, SIGH ive got this for years to come havent i?

2shoes Wed 04-Mar-09 17:25:41

then there are the parents.
I once fell out big time with a parent, why cos ds said he wouldn't go to her sons party unless x came....
she never spoke to me again

5inthebed Wed 04-Mar-09 18:28:13

Oh well, could have been worse, your DD could have told the girl she could only come if she cut all her hair off. LOL

2shoes Wed 04-Mar-09 18:32:49

thats going to happen next week

jenk1 Wed 04-Mar-09 19:22:24

oh dont say that,she probably WILL say that next!!

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