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What a relief!!!

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lou031205 Wed 04-Mar-09 14:23:26

A few weeks ago I had to sign the accident book at preschool twice in one week. I noticed that the entries were by two different workers, neither of which were DD's 1:1 keyworker. I mentioned it to my friend, who works at the preschool, and she said that they had changed the way they did DD's 1:1 hmm

Apparently, because the funding from the council only covers 1.5 hours, and the preschool doesn't have much money, they decided that they needed to prioritise the time for DD's 1:1. So they decided that EVERYONE could share responsibility for her during the free play, and then she would get 1:1 for the structured time.

Today I was called to the preschool, because DD had been 'running' and smacked her head into some railings. They were concerned because she was holding her head, but there was no bruise despite her hitting them hard and drawing blood in her mouth, so were worried about internal damage. I went to preschool & stayed for the rest of the session because DD desperately wanted to stay.

Yesterday, I had found out that her 1:1 worker has resigned to go to another job sad so I took the opportunity to ask the preshchool leader what her plans were for DD's 1:1.

I was so relieved:
-My friend has been offered the SENCO post, and the preschool leader is hopeful that she will take on DD's 1:1 grin
-The Area Inclusion Officer is due in at Easter, and the preschool leader wants to talk to her. DD's 1:1 is NOT working (I totally agree, for a start the level of stuff she brings home has gone way down, just one stripe of paint on a painting because she can't concentrate and stay at a task. IEP after 2 terms is still to stay at an activity for 5 minutes with help)
-She feels that the preschool needs to push for more funding for DD so that she gets 1:1 for the full 2.5 hours of the session. grin grin

I have been tossing and turning, thinking that the preschool don't think she needs the help, and that they don't think she is struggling. It turns out the complete opposite, and the preschool leader is saying that she is sure DD will need a statement for school in 2010.

I know I shouldn't be so pleased that DD isn't coping, but the consultant seems to be thinking that she will catch up, and I know that he sees her at her best. Having the preschool leader on-side is a great step towards getting DD the help I know she needs.

amber32002 Wed 04-Mar-09 17:46:17

Phew, very glad smile

lou031205 Wed 04-Mar-09 18:36:12

Yes, I can't believe I was daft enough not to just speak to the preschool. I think I am still in the "am I making this all up?" stage. It is very tiring.

notfromaroundhere Wed 04-Mar-09 20:01:40

excellent news I hope it all comes together quickly.

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