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The only parent that has to..........

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anniebear Fri 15-Apr-05 11:02:16

Go round shutting the toilet doors all the time in the local play area!!!!

Sat there yesterday looking round, not one other parent had to get up and shut toilet doors!!! Bet they must think I'm bit odd (well, ok, I am a little!!!) looking round checking the doors are closed, otherwise Ellie disapears into them to play with the toliet!!

Hope you all come up with some others so I know I am not the only one who seems odd!!!!

anniebear Fri 15-Apr-05 11:03:34

Thought of another........

The only parent who takes her children to a park and dreads there being any children who have brought their own bikes or dolls prams.

We then spend the time trying to keep Ellie away from them!!

Just silly little things I know, but you always seem to be the only one!!

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 11:14:09

....has to position the trolley equi-distant from either side of the aisle to prevent tins being hurled in every direction!

Learnt that trick after dd pulled a fully try of glass jars of beetroot on to the floor in VERY harrassed mummy, a ruined pair of shoes, an even more harrassed ASDA cleaner and an extremely amused DD!

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 11:21:49

...carry dd into nursery every morning
...listen to my little angel singing herself to sleep with "Hap Bear-day tooo meeeeeeee!" every night for the last week
...confiscate any birthday presents with small pieces in because she still puts everything in her mouth at the age of 4 the "Little Green Frog" dance to make dd chuckle
...get funny looks from the checkout girl for buying pull-ups for a 4 year old beacuse the continence service won't provide them

anniebear Fri 15-Apr-05 11:28:10

But the "Hap Bear-day tooo meeeeeeee!" is very very cute!!!!!!! lol

dinosaur Fri 15-Apr-05 11:36:04

...nag their nearly six year old DS1 to do a poo every morning before going to school because he won't use the school loos and would instead do it in his pants...

Vix4boys Fri 15-Apr-05 11:36:30

I have to close all the toilet doors at our local play area too. DS2 loves opening and closing doors, but the ones at the play area are quite heavy. He plays with the gates at the entrance instead! Luckily he just stands there opening and closing them so I don't have to worry about him running off (obviously I watch him though!)

I do get lots of funny looks though, as he would just do that all day if he could! (he will spend a little time on the slide sometimes)

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 11:47:41

Vix - could be a godsend! I get funny looks at the soft play centre for being the only Over 8 year old (well the only Over 28 year old actually) in the ball pool! Dd can't manage to get up the steps to the slide or across the rope bridge or through the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny trap door that is far too small for my back side to fit through (!), but does that deter her? Of course not - Mummy will help me! Took me two weeks and a full tube of arnica cream, to get rid of the bruises from last time! Still get funny looks from other parents, but couldn't give a damn, Marley loves it and gets so much from it.

eidsvold Fri 15-Apr-05 12:13:15

ask friends to put their phone up or disconnect it. We have a child lock on ours so we are ok when dd1 picks it up and imitates mummy and daddy on the phone. But she loves the phone at grandma's!!

Crawling around the soft play area

also equi distant trolley placement.... or things are off the shelf or off the hangers etc

apologise to old ladies when out shopping as dd1 has grabbed their bag/trolley/shirt on the way past!!!

am sure I will think of others

coppertop Fri 15-Apr-05 12:26:41

..speak in 2-word sentences to their 2yr-old instead of chattering away in the usual way like everyone else seems to do;

...squash ds2 when he goes into a meltdown. Pushing on him with a cushion calms him down quickly but to the untrained eye it looks like a failed attempt at smothering the poor boy.

maddiemo Fri 15-Apr-05 12:27:38

I am the parent that is pleased that ds takes a jam sandwich as his packed lunch every day and eats it.

I am not so pleased at the funny looks I get with a 6.5 year old who is still in a buggy or supermarket trolley seat.

MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 13:08:42

Eidsvold - I've said before that our dd's sound alike! You've reminded me that dd actually got a lady's purse out of her handbag in the queue at the craft shop on Tuesday! (I'm training her well! )

Blossomhill Fri 15-Apr-05 13:33:04

Anniebear - yes my dd was exactly the same.
Oh and I had to watch her like a hawk wherever we were as she used to go around and take sips out of everybody's tea/coffee

coppertop Fri 15-Apr-05 13:35:17

LOL! Ds2 is always trying to help himself to any coffee and tea that people leave lying around.

Njata Sat 16-Apr-05 08:08:52

The only parent that has to go round in public saying 'that's asda price' then slapping herself firmly on the behind!! (ds2 demands company in his echolalia!!!)

The only parent that has to ensure no cups or beakers are left lying around when we visit friends or ds1 will pee into them if you arent quick enough. Try being at a friends house and trying to apologise cos ds1 got hold of her daughters not-quite-finished orange and added to it. (I was only looking at photos, serves me right I suppose).

The only parent that leaps across the room in a single bound to prevent ds1 from flashing the neighbours out the window. (he does a very cute wiggle dance though!)

I could go on, and on, and on..............

eidsvold Sat 16-Apr-05 11:50:56

signing to her newborn (NT) babe whilst staying in hospital.... asking her if she wanted more (cue makaton sign) and not feeling weird until thought about what I was doing.

Although pleased signing had become second nature.

Donbean Sat 16-Apr-05 12:01:08

...sings "every body every one come inside and join the fun".....on my own in the car while driving to work yesterday?

Donbean Sat 16-Apr-05 12:06:13

Sorry ive killed your thread by not looking at the title properly, sorry sorry sorry.....skulks away.....

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