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paed app tms - here we go again

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hungryhippo21 Tue 03-Mar-09 13:35:38

ds1 has paed app tmw i am not holding out hope for dx but i think being upfront and asking is ds1 on spectrum has to be said, we had visit from preschool advisor yesterday and she said yes she thinks he is - he was on top form. His aim was to raid her hand bag of keys and water bottles - most favourite occupation with ladies handbags, run around like complete nutter whilst i try to get them back then stacking all his toys on her grin he is cutting out gluten so has been a complete sod all week my muscles are actually hurting from wrestling him. hopefully his behaviour continues tmw so they can see what he is really like not when he is being entertained by dr and assistant with toys.
Anyway do you think it is right to try and push paed to say whether he is on spectrum or not????

amber32002 Tue 03-Mar-09 14:35:38

I would, yes. Got to be worth a try. Good luck with that wrestling....

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