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Must be something in the air....

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eidsvold Thu 14-Apr-05 22:32:17

After reading all the posts of us being down and upset by little things etc, I thought we were doing fine..... BUT my SIL is down to visit with my 2 nieces - one niece is 2 months older than dd1 and the other one is about 10 months old. With dn1 I see the huge gap between her and dd1 and it makes me a little sad although I know how far dd1 has come. What brought it all home to me was that in terms of walking etc my 10 month old dn is at the same stage as dd1. I just realise how far she has yet to go.

Poor dh I came home and just bawled last night. First time since just after dd was born!! That is not me - usually I am so positive as I can see the huge leaps she has made just in the ten months or so we have been here in Australia.

Dh bless him tried to make me feel better by getting out our book that deals with gross motor skills in children with ds. He then looked at the development chart and said in fact dd1 is about average or just above for a child with ds and she was doing well.

I know she is but it still makes me You guys understand it....

Sorry to add to the gloom and down on this topic but I just felt I had to share.

Dingle Thu 14-Apr-05 22:45:39


I tried to post something else here, but it just wasn't coming out what I wanted to say, or how I wanted to say it, so I've deleted it and just sent hugs!

JakB Thu 14-Apr-05 22:46:42

Yeah, me too, totally understand and sending hugs {{hugs}}

InternationalGirl Thu 14-Apr-05 23:07:13

I know - we all go through our ups and downs. Next week she'll probably make you laugh and smile at how gorgeous she is... Sending hugs

TheRealMrsF Thu 14-Apr-05 23:21:04

I know what u mean....sometimes i even sit in doctors waiting rooms with tears in my eyes....'just because' there is a child sitting nicely with it's parents...whereas mine are stimming,spinning,lying or fiddling !

IntGirl is right though....another day or week and we do come out of it....and we see something our DC's do me today watching Alex eating a whole corn on the cob!...then we get that 'glowing ' feeling!!

lou33 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:49:00

Eidsvold I completely understand how you are feeling. MN was wonderful to me over the last couple of days, I hope we can be there for you as well.

eidsvold Fri 15-Apr-05 04:53:30

well today she made me smile... as I know she does.

We went to a soft play area and she had fun in the ball pit, fun on the little swings. Then we ventured to the area for bigger kids. Well no fear dd1 - starts climbing up this soft stairway ( about 10 feet high or so) and then bumshuffles through all the compartments. Then attempts to go down the slide head first - the slide is quite steep.

Picture one mother scrambling up a soft stairway trying not to bowl over any other kids and grabbing dd1 by the leg to stop her flying head first down the slide ( I know - spoil all her fun - and that is what her face said to me.) Her aunt was at the bottom to catch her and as she saw my SIL she figured this is the way to go!!

I did manage to put her on her bum and off she went - laughing all the way down. Then before I can turn around she is halfway up this stairway ready to go again. She LOVED it!!

As I write this she is crashed out on her bed where she has been for almost 2 hours. Bless!!

chonky Fri 15-Apr-05 07:38:44

Awwww bless her.
I understand too, it is sad sometimes when you watch other kids achieving milestones so easily. Glad you've had more of an 'up' today

chonky Fri 15-Apr-05 07:59:44

Sorry, think I worded that all wrong . What I meant to say is that I find it sad sometimes that dd has to work soooo soooo hard, and for so long, to reach a milestone compared to the standard development chart timescales.

Ahhh, I give up, hopefully you know what I'm trying to say....

Merlot Fri 15-Apr-05 09:01:49

I know what you mean Chonky

Eidsvold, your posts are usually so positive - its normal to be low sometimes (or that's what I've been told by all you wise ladies )
FWIW I think you sound a very upbeat person Eidsvold and I'm sure this is a temporary blip.

I hope you feel so much better for unburdening here - its amazing really, but I always find that once I've voiced those dark little thoughts that sometimes pop up, I immediately feel better. I understand now why some people write diaries (could never get the concept when I was young )

Hope you are feeling much better today

eidsvold Fri 15-Apr-05 12:07:49

I know what you mean

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