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glitteryboy will be getting his trike!!!

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glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 12:49:20

woohoo just had a call from the family fund to say they'll give me all the money for ds's tomcat tiger trike. its £1555 so had to promise not to apply for another 2 years grin

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 02-Mar-09 14:42:22

Congrats - that great news! We've just had dd's kitten trike delivered and it amazing.

drlove8 Mon 02-Mar-09 14:49:07

well done glitteryb6! glitteryboy will have mega-fun with his new bike! please post photos up? so we can share the fun grin

Mitchell81 Mon 02-Mar-09 14:53:48

Thats great news. Hope he enjoys it

trace2 Mon 02-Mar-09 15:18:29

fantastic news!!

Frasersmum123 Mon 02-Mar-09 16:01:45

Great news!

anonandlikeit Mon 02-Mar-09 16:20:47

brilliant, I hope he enjoys it!

sarah293 Mon 02-Mar-09 16:36:48

Message withdrawn

Tclanger Mon 02-Mar-09 16:39:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 16:45:22

Riven, do you know whats really bizarre, i applied to 5 or 6 charities between july and december when i had £800 to go towards it and had absolutely no luck.
xmas came and went as did the gas and leccy bill so when i applied to the family fund i had nothing to put towards it and they said yes no problem!
seems charities are more likely to help if you need more?

2shoes Mon 02-Mar-09 16:49:21

really pleased and pleastly suprised as I didn't know they brought big things like this(still I will be happy with my grant for a holiday)

glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 16:59:57

yeah, the first time i applied about 2 years ago i got £500 towards an £800 supported seat for my mums house and £380 towards a holiday so thought they would just give me something towards the trike, i had asked for holiday money as the second choice and the guy apologised for not helping with that too!

hereidrawtheline Mon 02-Mar-09 17:24:20

wow that is great! What is it? Can you post a link? I am really happy for you!

2shoes Mon 02-Mar-09 17:29:48

they have always just helped us with one thing, maybe it depends on what you ask for, next year I will ask for 2 things, but will make sure the second is very sn iynwim.

trace2 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:33:37

ive just asked for garden play equipment,like a climbing frame ! how long is the wait at the moment?

glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:35:17

about 8 weeks i think trace?

trace2 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:36:54

oooh thanks last time was 13 weeks seamed to take ages! how is your ds now with feeding?

glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:39:14

this is

they start at £695 but ds's is so expensive as he needs so many extra bits, they are also making a special adapter so i can use either the headrest off of ds chair with the headband on it or the one off his wheelchair, none of the other companys were prepared to do this so thats why we went for the Tomcat

glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:43:59

trace, feeding going ok, domperidone and ranitidine upped so not so much sickness now and he is up to 12.8kg!

surgeon said if they redo the fundo they want to do a pyloroplasty to releive the pressure on the fundo from the full stomach/dystonic spasms, but a possible side effect is dumping where the bowel empties too quickly, so i said id leave it just now as i can cope better with puke than poo, going back to see them in 3 months to see how it goes.

trace2 Mon 02-Mar-09 17:57:05

oh i would too at moment at least the meds are working!

the trike looks greatgrin

hereidrawtheline Mon 02-Mar-09 18:02:10

wow that looks fantastic!!!

sarah293 Mon 02-Mar-09 18:19:15

Message withdrawn

glitteryb6 Mon 02-Mar-09 18:29:15

yes, ds cannot sit and has rubbish head control.
wish i'd taken a picture of him in it now, it has loads of support and i'll be using his headrest with the headband on it

sarah293 Mon 02-Mar-09 18:54:29

Message withdrawn

bullet123 Mon 02-Mar-09 19:45:12

Wonderful news about the trike .

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