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Beyond confused

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KarenThirl Thu 14-Apr-05 13:14:29

Hi all

As I hadn't had any feedback after J's ADOS three weeks ago (and had been promised a response within two weeks), I phoned the dept yesterday and spoke to the SW who had conducted the test. Apart from the fact that the psychiatrist who's coordinating the assessment has little conception of waiting lists or timescales generally , the SW said the psych shouldn't have given me a provisional dx of AS until more investigation had been done and that ... wait for it ... although J scored significantly on the ADOS and there are several 'worrying factors', it doesn't necessarily mean that he has ASD or AS. Now I'm VERY confused. The Psych said she was 99% certain he has AS and advised me to run off and find out as much as possible about it and treat him as if that's what the problem is, but now I'm being told that it might be something else altogether. I even sent off for NAS membership at the weekend. Has anyone else ever come across this? I'm extremely baffled.

On top of that, on re-reading the paperwork the SENCO gave me before Easter, school haven't requested a stat assessment yet as I'd been given to believe. SENCO had told me at our first meeting that Ed Psych would become involved once J's IEP was at School Action Plus, which it now is, but that doesn't mean a statement application does it?

It's all getting too much for my cognitive impairment to cope with! Made contact with Parent Partnership today and have a meeting on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get some support to make sense of it all.

MandM Thu 14-Apr-05 13:29:19

Oh dear! My head's spinning just reading that and you'd sounded so positive after you'd seen the Psych.
Haven't got any useful advice but would say, take a deep breath, step back a bit so that you can get your head together and perhaps then wait until you've spoken to Parent Partnership on Tuesday before you try to tackle anything alone. They should at least be able to help you put your concerns and 'tasks' in priority order so that you can deal with them one by one.

Keep us updated. Thinking of you. x

coppertop Thu 14-Apr-05 13:34:13

If the school haven't applied yet then could you apply yourself?

Ds1 started school on School Action+. We had an informal home visit from the Ed Psych just before ds1 started school and she told us that the school would get her involved if it was felt that ds1 needed statementing. She has nothing to do with his IEP at all. That's usually drawn up by the SENCO and teacher together with input from us and ds1's LSA.

coppertop Thu 14-Apr-05 13:36:20

I think I've just broken the record for the greatest over-use of the word "school" in a short post.

KarenThirl Fri 15-Apr-05 07:02:54

Got a letter yesterday from the psych - it must have been in the post as I was talking to the SW - giving an update on where we are so far. Psych is still saying that she thinks Asperger's and that she's advised me along those lines, what books I'm reading and AS-related strategies I'm using etc. Apparently we should get an appointment with Clincal Psych within a few weeks, God knows how long for SALT, no mention of dietician referral I asked for ...

CT, not sure if I ought to apply independently for a statement, because tbh school ARE managing well so far, and there are no major problems there at the moment. Obviously if things deteriorate so that school is affected and SENCO still doesn't think a statement is necessary, I'll go that route. Thanks for your suggestion.

School school school school school - just a few more for your collection!

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