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Hes changing right infront of my eyes daily feel so powerless

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louismama Thu 14-Apr-05 01:03:34

Coppertop said on a recent thread the is he isnt he period before dx is the worst time, its now a case more for me of im sure he is but he is literally getting worse infront of my eyes daily. Wont post the whole my ds story again those who have read my threads whos opinions i already value know(not that i dont value any input) Ds has this wk taken to slamming back in this pushchair(stopped doing this at 15months as had with head shaking at 12months)MOUTHING toys objects has done this in so long i cant remember, Crawling intermitently with walking, eye contact has plummeted again as it did when introduced wheat into diet, and new trick to avoid looking at you just squeezes eyes tight shut. Teriffied of sea again 3 weeks ago want to run straight in. Balance and co.ord. gone to pot
concentration had improved going g/f -naf again.
May sound silly but this always seems to happen when we com back from eng. great in uk and first few days then downhill. Feb was meltdown time coincided with wheat intro and cows milk(asd hadnt even bee mentioned then just to see audiologost) Loads auti traits appeared together and generally really miserable/frustrated. Hope it this return is not going to cause another big slide. Just trying to make some sense of it g/f for about a month, the bedrooms got terrible damp(candida problem?) black mould on wall(out by 11/5/05 to new place just got to ind one first)Fri no poo, Saturday gave 5ml of regulose(Plum syrup) poo size of a house hard different colours, Sunday good poo am,pm

louismama Thu 14-Apr-05 01:50:14

sorry pc probs.
mon tues STINKING green slime. Spoke to a nutrilink dctr yesterday she suggests taking out casein and sugar asap. Did that yesterday rice milk last night and today, but im worried about all the nutrients in the formula hell be losing, when went g/f stopped cows milk hed been having for a month and put back on formula seemed much better for a couple of weeks. Stopped all choc & E no.s a week ago and now fruit juice too. Have been cooking from scratch - appetites up and down like a yoyo. Thought was getting a cold watery nose that crusts up so gave two doses of cold medcine(E102 in that though but last cold lasted 2 1/2weeks till gave medcine) but stopped as it seemed to disappear. Im scarred to give him anything now, nutritionalist thinks gastric at 17months may be his trigger. Dont want to get up tomorrow ?what next. Last night was the first night he slept through in 2 weeks though no whimpering, crying, sweating, writhing around.Jimjams nutrilink dctr great, spoke for 20mins said to ring in a week and shell see me when next back, she didnt take my name and i fogot to ask about fees can u advise a little thought consults are normally done by phone. Sorry what a long post just feel numb now. Thanks in advance.xx Mom to beautiful baby boy.

beccaboo Thu 14-Apr-05 11:42:18

louismama, sorry to hear you're having such an awful time. I'm no expert on this, but he could be going through a withdrawal from gluten. It can take a few weeks after you take it out of the diet and some of the symptoms you describe sound like things I've seen written about this. Have you looked at any of the websites specifically about the diet, you would get more info there?

coppertop Thu 14-Apr-05 12:09:37

Sorry you're going through all this, LM.

I don't know much about the diet aspect but I too have heard that there may be a period of withdrawal. Hopefully someone who knows more will be along to help soon.

RnB Thu 14-Apr-05 12:13:46

Message withdrawn

louismama Thu 14-Apr-05 13:24:13

Beccaboo do you know of any casein free infant milk?

ruty Thu 14-Apr-05 18:25:35

neocate as far as i know is casein free.prescription only, my ds has it for allergies. ask doc to check.

ruty Thu 14-Apr-05 18:26:05

tastes foul tho, i flavour it with fruit puree.

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