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"I was Just Doing An Act, Mummy!"

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TheRealMrsF Thu 14-Apr-05 00:30:52

Alex 'demonstrated' another of his 'odd use of language' today......

He was telling me about something he saw on TV.... and i turned away-to look back at him seconds see him in absolute agony.

I panicked and said "whats happened!!!!!!??????"

He relaxed his face then did the 'pain look ' again...then said
"I was Just Doing An Act, Mummy!"

Meaning that he was pretending to be in pain...which turned out to be that he'd just seen something on tv where they showed glass reflecting the sun and 'dazzling/blinding' someomnes eyes,,, and he was trying to tell me about this....and the 'AGONISING PAINFUL LOOK@ ...was i assume the reaction to having sunlight reflected on you from glass/mirrors???

My point ACT was the 'wrong' word...he could have said "I was pretending" or Acting...but 'Doing An Act" to me 'odd'....but all seriousness was one of those moments when you can only smile at the way he speaks....and wonder at what age this is 'odd'...he will be 6 at end of may.

sallyenglebertstrawberry Thu 14-Apr-05 00:32:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoiseshell Thu 14-Apr-05 00:59:04

Hi - don't know your situation at all, but sounds quite familiar to me - my ds is nearly 4, but often speaks in a slightly odd way - like 'I did bleed myself' instead of I cut myself, or 'You are joking me' instead of you're teasing me. And I'm sure he's come out with that exact sentence your ds used.

I know there's a difference in age, so I might be talking rubbish, but I used to babysit 6 year old twins who spoke like that - they're just off to uni - one to Oxford, one to Cambridge, doing law and medicine!

TheRealMrsF Thu 14-Apr-05 00:59:36

he's youngett of 3 boys...the older 2 have a form of Autism (asperger's syndrome) 'odd' language is something i 'notice'...but what you've said is nice to i honestly get so immersed in autism that sometimes i need to be reminded that 'other kids do it too!!!'

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