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SN meet up. What's happening????

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Blossomhill Wed 13-Apr-05 13:45:16

Shall we just try and do a meet within a month in London. As we did before for lunch.
I would have to meet about 10ish to get back for school run, although maybe we could do a weekend.
Any thoughts???
I am also happy to arrange but am useless at what's where in London

coppertop Wed 13-Apr-05 14:10:41

I think the easiest thing for me would be for you all to decide on a date that's convenient for you and then I'll see if dh can get that particular day off work if it's a weekday.

jayzmummy Wed 13-Apr-05 14:36:29

Awwww but London is just soooooooo far away for me and I would need an overnight stay. Isnt possible if its during the week because of work commitments.

Davros Wed 13-Apr-05 16:38:41

Uh oh, here we go again
Well, I am very boring. I can do London, I can't do a weekend......

Merlot Wed 13-Apr-05 17:15:38

I'd love to meet you all in London

coppertop Wed 13-Apr-05 18:43:14

I'm getting a feeling of deja vu here too.

I've just checked with dh and it looks as though most of May has been booked up already. He might be able to get half-term off (30th May-3rd June) if anyone was able to meet up then. If not then dh might possibly be able to get a term-time afternoon off so that he could fetch ds1 from school but I would need to bring ds2 with me. London would be fairly easy for me as it's only about an hour by train.

Somebody choose a date. Pleeeeease!

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 19:00:38

what friday is in those dates ct?

Socci Wed 13-Apr-05 20:09:17

Message withdrawn

heartinthecountry Wed 13-Apr-05 21:26:01

Teehee - I can see this going round in circles again .

I can do London in the week. Fridays not great but could probably manage it if that is the best day generally.

Socci Wed 13-Apr-05 21:35:55

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Wed 13-Apr-05 21:45:47

How about a big all night booze bender instead?
Most of us could do with letting our hair down lol

heartinthecountry Wed 13-Apr-05 21:54:46

I'm fine thanks Socci . It would be great if you could make a meet-up.

BH - lovely idea - not sure how we could make it happen though .

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:07:04

you know that sounds good to me bh

Davros Wed 13-Apr-05 22:09:19

What's happened to Imuststopdrinkingblossomhill ?? I could probably do an evening with enough notice but not weekend

Thomcat Wed 13-Apr-05 22:11:48

hmmm, an evening is an interesting idea.
Other than that i can really only do Fridays as a rule.

bambi06 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:12:18

i`m watching this space to see if anything comes of this...hope so

RnB Wed 13-Apr-05 22:12:37

Message withdrawn

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:17:58


Thomcat Wed 13-Apr-05 22:24:25

Oh yeah. And where is Spacedonkey these days, still in Italy?

RnB Wed 13-Apr-05 22:26:22

Message withdrawn

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:34:42

no she has just moved house to a more central part of london, unpacking as we speak.

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:34:58

i wont forget you know

Thomcat Wed 13-Apr-05 22:36:09

She hasn't been around, on mumsnet though, am I right?
How is she?

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:42:48

she doesn't have internet access atm, occasionally she makes furtive forays into mn when she thinks noone is watching, from a cafe

Thomcat Wed 13-Apr-05 22:43:30

Is she ok, happy?

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