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Lady coming to see us RE Direct Payments

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anniebear Wed 13-Apr-05 10:54:35

Rang a Scheme called 'Wired today', they send sombody out and help you apply for Direct Payments.

She isn't coming till May 4th though! But they sound really good.

Also saw Ellies Head Mistress this morning. She is really lovely and wants me to go round to her house one evening next week and have a coffee. She said to write a list of all my worries and we will have a good talk.

Two problems spring to mind.......does she have enough coffee? and do I have enough paper?!!! lol

Isn't that lovely of her. I am sure her job description didn't entail that!!

anniebear Wed 13-Apr-05 11:03:39

I gave up waiting for a Social worker to help us apply! Been waiting since October!!

Davros Wed 13-Apr-05 11:07:46

I just posted on RnB's post re DPs. It works well for us but the problem is finding someone who is willing to be an employee and give NI number, get pay slips etc. Its also a bit of a bugger to admininster at first but it does get easier. Gawd knows how many people manage it who don't speak English as a first languge, aren't used to dealing with admin etc, I found it hard enough and I was a secretary/PA for nearly 20 years! I also don't have a back up person if my girl is away...

anniebear Wed 13-Apr-05 11:09:58

I was hoping a family member could register, but didn't realise how much it entailed.

There are staff at Ellie's School who are registered, but I would have to know them well and it's wether they would look after Grace sometimes also!!

Davros Wed 13-Apr-05 11:25:39

you can't use a family member and it isn't a case of "registering". What you have to do is find someone you are happy to use to look after your child OR do whatever you need doing to make life easier. They then have to agree to become YOUR employee and you have to fill in paperwork, e.g. contract of employment, you enrol with a payroll company, the employee has to provide certain information and you have to open a separate bank account for DPs only. You tell the payroll company how many hours the person has worked each month or you have a set amount per month, they produce a pay slip. You get monthly direct payments to your special bank account from your borough. You also have to complete a quarterly return for your Soc Svs dept. There is a lot of help with setting it up and keeping it going, we have a local charity that provides this support and will come to your home, go through the paperwork etc. So someone wouldn't be "registered", they may be employed by another parent or disabled individual under the DP scheme but that would be a separate arrangement and you'd have to employ them yourself, or whoever you find. This person can do just about anything you want, ironing, cleaning, babysitting etc but you have to agree it with them, Soc Svs are not really bothered.

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