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Transport to School..........???

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anniebear Tue 12-Apr-05 13:59:47

In September I am going to have to use the free transport to have Ellie brought home from School so I can collect Grace.

I really really don't want to use it. They are twins and I want to pick them both up. Ellie is so pleased when I pick her up now, she yells "it's Mummeeeeeeeeeee"!! and legs it across the room to me!! But can't cut myself in two.

I have to ring this week and arrange it but am really worried about it.

When I came out of School the other day, a Taxi was waiting outside and the carer had gone in to collect the child, the taxi driver was smoking. This is a few minutes before the child was to get in.

Also I am worried if she is one of the last to be dropped off that she may be in the bus/taxi for an hours round trip. I dont think this is fair for her after being in school all day. She will only be 4yrs and 3 days old!! (yes, if they were born 5 hours later, she would have had an extra 12 months to do a bit more catching up!)

Question is, do you think, when I ring to arrange transport, that I am ok to voice these concerns?

Feel bit rude as it is a free service to enable my child to be brought home from School.

Don't want to sound a fuss pot!!

lou33 Tue 12-Apr-05 14:07:10

annie i am about to go through the same stuff, ds2 will need transport in septemeber as well, and i feel exactly the same

anniebear Tue 12-Apr-05 14:18:54

somebody said "well you cant be in 2 places at the same time can you ? Felt like saying "yeah, so what? I know that" Doesnt make me feel any better.

Another person said "She will be fine, it's just you" then I felt like saying well it is important how I feel you know!! and no, she won't be fine. She would scream each morning whilst being taken from me by somebody she doesnt know.

As it is, i am hoping to take her in late each day, it's the home time thats the worry

lou33 Tue 12-Apr-05 14:20:01

we will have 4 children at four diff schools when ds2 starts, and have had similar reactions. Crap isnt it

kcemum Tue 12-Apr-05 15:13:22

Just a thought, does the school that Grace goes to have an afterschool club where she could go while you collect Ellie yourself and then fetch Grace? or perhaps use a childminder?

anniebear Tue 12-Apr-05 16:57:02

The school doesnt have an after School club.

If I used a Childminder I would feel bad on Grace as I wouldnt be picking her up either!!!!

Can't win!!!!

Thanks anyway!

pixel Tue 12-Apr-05 18:39:05

My ds uses the school transport and we have solved this problem by having the minibus drop him off outside dd's school instead of at home. (I couldn't guarantee to get home in time for him after collecting dd anyway). So I collect dd then we both wait outside the gate for ds who arrives about 10 minutes later and we all go home together! In the bad weather I park the car nearby (using blue badge) so that dd and I don't have to wait in the rain.

pixel Tue 12-Apr-05 18:42:01

Oh, and this also means that in the good weather we can go to the park after school with dd's friends and ds doesn't miss out either.

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