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Jimjams Tue 12-Apr-05 11:40:47

I have spoken to my firend who went through the same sort of stuff as you. She has said she would like to talk to you- so if you CAT me I can give you her number. She really doesn know what it's like and is very up on what help you should be getting.

jayzmummy Tue 12-Apr-05 12:09:16

Oh jimjams thank you so very much. Just a quick question???? Did your friend adopt her children through a church funded adoption agency that is based in Exeter???? I have just spoken with our SW and he has told me about a family that have had the same experiences as us....maybe its the same person????

I'll CAT you now.

Thanks agian for all your wonderful support.

Jimjams Tue 12-Apr-05 12:22:42

TBH I'm not sure- although possibly as I remember her having to post something off to Exeter before.

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