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Disabled parking

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Kimi Tue 17-Feb-09 10:33:53

My mum has had a leg amputated and is now wheelchair bound, how do we go about getting a parking permit? Mum does not drive but we will be taking her out and about in DHs car and we will need to use big spaces for the chair, is she entitled to a badge and where / how do we apply.

All advice welcome

alfiemama Tue 17-Feb-09 10:40:26

Hi Kimi

I applied for ours yesterday. I went onto direct gov website, and there is a link to your local council (you have to put postcode in) and you can apply online, they email you back.


magso Tue 17-Feb-09 10:49:48

Just google your county and blue badge and you should get access to the form.

Kimi Tue 17-Feb-09 16:12:18

Thank you both smile

TallulahToo Tue 17-Feb-09 17:58:34

Hi Kimi, my MIL had a knee replacement a short while ago and has just got her permit via support from her GP as she is elderly and its taking some time to heal.

Kimi Wed 18-Feb-09 08:56:38

Thanks TT

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