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a pushchair suitable for a 3 year old with autism?

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pillsthrillsandbellyaches Mon 16-Feb-09 22:29:17

unfortunately i think i am going to need to continue using some type of buggy for my 3 year old son who has autism, as he wont walk with me.

does anyone know of where i could get something like this? i would like something all terrain, but of course, i dont have a lot of money!

he is quite big, and a baby buggy just isnt suitable any more.

drlove8 Tue 17-Feb-09 00:53:01

i got a baby jogger citi mini for my dd4, aparently it does a child up to five( must be a small five though).its fab, so easy to push, front wheels (close together so it looks like a three wheeler)can lock too! i got mine for £150 , raincover is extra at £19.99. grin

drlove8 Tue 17-Feb-09 01:02:18

theres quite a few baby jogger expiditions on ebay just now for £199, its a bigger one than the citi mini, and has big wheels so will be easy to push! baby jogger does extra footplate extensions too!

kitkatqueen Tue 17-Feb-09 01:02:20

Hiya - Might be worth considering something rear facing, reduces anxiety levels and promotes calm and communication. My son is not autistic but I noticed a definate change in him when I bought a rear facer.

FioFio Tue 17-Feb-09 07:57:10

Message withdrawn

silverfrog Tue 17-Feb-09 08:36:55

I use a Phil & Ted's Sport (I needed the double as have dd2 as well). Dd1 is 4.6, and very large for her age, and still fits in well enough, probably got another year or so before she can't go in it.

Deeeja Tue 17-Feb-09 15:48:02

I use a mountain buggy xl all terrain, I got vouchers from wheelchair services, and got a mine vat-free which also saved a bit. If yudc sees a physiotherapist or ot, you should be-able to get a referral to wheelchair services for assessment, or a health-visitor can also make referral for you.
My 3.11 year old loves his mountain buggy, and it is very easy to push.

Deeeja Tue 17-Feb-09 15:49:17

If you see a physiotherapist, ofcourse.

SammyK Tue 17-Feb-09 16:22:19

Deeja, what other special needs buggies are there out of interest? I am going to look into wheelchair services providing one for DS aged 4 who is autistic. smile

pillsthrillsandbellyaches Tue 17-Feb-09 21:23:47

thanks everyone for the helpful information.

i will ask for a referral.

Shelly0205 Mon 15-May-17 20:52:12

Hi I have just been refused help from wheelchair services for my 3 year old who has autism and gdd I have been told to go down the charity route,any ideas please

Imaginosity Mon 15-May-17 21:45:52

I used a normal buggy for my NT 4 year old. He complained if he had to walk even a small distance so it made it easier on the school run to skip the tantrums. He fit into the Phil & Teds and the MacLaren no problem. Would your child fit into a normal secondhand buggy for now?

Shelly0205 Mon 15-May-17 22:06:17

Hi I have a normal pushchair and it's so tight are the straps they are marking her,it seems to be the height is ok it's the seat depth that I need deeper and she drags her feet to stop me from moving in a direction she doesn't like or just when she's not happy she is a big girl for her age

youarenotkiddingme Tue 16-May-17 18:41:30

Shelley I'd advise starting your own thread and put the details in title such.

New life is a good charity though.

youarenotkiddingme Tue 16-May-17 18:42:18

They will need documentation though from we swevjces about why they refused so worthwhile chasing that now

Shelly0205 Tue 16-May-17 19:02:40

Ah ok thankyou

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