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Any ideas on how to transport non-walking 3 year old and a newborn - and please don't say a sling!

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 16-Feb-09 22:22:57

dd has CP and can walk about 100 metres with a kaye walker but is mainly in a pushchair. As she's coming up to 3 I was going to ask for a referral to wheelchair services and see what they have to offer. However, I am now expecting a new one!(am 10 weeks so still a long time to go but have to start thinking about these things) Great news and we're chuffed to bits but now panicking about how to transport the two of them. dd is getting bigger and lots of double buggies don't seem to offer the support and seating she needs. I do use a sling and am happy to sometimes but would not like it to be my only option as I have a bad back (side-effect of having disabled kids, ho-hum wink.) I have looked at the dreaded phil and teds and I don't think the seat is deep enough to stop her from slumping to one side. In actual fact she doesn't need masses of support but depth of seat and proper height foot plates are really important. I know wheelchair services are utterly uninterested as they only provide a solution for the disabled child and not the family. I need something lightweight as I'm already doing loads of lifting in and out the car etc - I'm asking the impossible aren't I?

Sidge Mon 16-Feb-09 22:27:43

I bought an Out N About Nipper Double. (Still use it now actually for days out and DD2 is 5!)

It might not be suitable depending on the level of seating support your DD needs so I would recommend giving one a test drive. However I found the Nipper the only double I could push easily (also have back trouble) and even though it's quite bulky (folds flat) it's not too awful to hoik about.

We found Disablement Services less than helpful - as you said they offer something for the disabled child and not any siblings. I was told I could have a wheelchair or Major for DD2 and would have to use my own pushchair for DD2 hmm That would have meant me never leaving the house on my own then!

FioFio Tue 17-Feb-09 08:00:10

Message withdrawn

lou031205 Tue 17-Feb-09 08:13:21

the Mountain Buggy special needs double buggy has the option for one regular foot plate and one adjustable one. Designed for children going over 5 years. Twinsuk sell it

lou031205 Tue 17-Feb-09 08:19:17

There is also the Maclaren Twin Major

lou031205 Tue 17-Feb-09 08:20:27

Forgot to say that the Maclaren is an umbrella fold so very light.

lou031205 Tue 17-Feb-09 08:38:50

Me again. Where are you in the country? Found this which is Bristol nhs, but they offer a voucher towards the double if the older child needs a buggy.

mrsturnip Tue 17-Feb-09 08:50:50

god this is awful, it must affect loads of people. I know wheelchair services are generally useless (well I know our local ones are) but I can't believe that no solution can be found for disabled kids with younger siblings. Actually I can believe it but am shocked.

Woooozle100 Tue 17-Feb-09 09:34:27

I used phil and teds with my non mobile 2 and bit yo and baby. It was fine in newborn mode (where baby lies flat underneath) Still ok now but one of them is pretty squashed underneath (in that the bottom one's legs dangle in / out the basket bit. They are 16 mo and 3 yr 9 mo now) My dd is v floppy and I haven't found seat to be a problem. She is v small tho.

You can purchase a seat that clips onto sn buggy available through wheelchair services. Friend of mine selling one if interested but wouldn't be an option in the short term as is a seat for older baby / toddler.

Agree there isn't a fat lot of choice

Mitchell81 Tue 17-Feb-09 09:55:27

I have similar situation, but then made it worse by having another baby. blush blush So I now have 3 children, eldest DD whos 8 is in a wheelchair and can't walk, DS1 is 2.6 and baby is now 9 months.
I have afew options:

Sling for baby, buggyboard for DS1 attached to wheelchair or SN buggy.

Buggypod (sidecar) and buggyboard attached to SN buggy

Double buggy and Wheelchair but then I have to have a helper/carer with me. Or go out on my own when DD is at school.

I also had a less than helpful wheelchair service who said that it was my problem for having other children shock

Good luck and congratulations

FioFio Tue 17-Feb-09 10:18:45

Message withdrawn

Mitchell81 Tue 17-Feb-09 11:10:16

You would need to try it as there is quite a bit of adjustment on the buggyboards so it could fit on certain chairs. We attached it to a kimba spring pram(SN) and a Quinny speedi 3 wheeler.

I just had a look at DD invacare wheelchair and it would also fit on her wheelchair with the extension bit. smile

HairyMaclary Tue 17-Feb-09 16:26:50

Oh God, I have sympathy for you. We have the phil and teds and I think our children are similar. DS1 is 3.11 now and too big for it, he slumps, his feet, especially with splints on are at wierd angles and it's just not right. I still use it though! His wheelchair is on it's way and I won't be able to attach a buggy board to it as it will be too narrow. Luckiy DS 2 is 20 months now and I am training him to walk holding on to the buggy but it will be a hassle for a while yet. WCS told me that it's only a temporary issue so they don't deal with it. Good luck - I like the look of the double mountain buggy, probably won't be light though! Congratulations on the pregnancy!

HairyMaclary Tue 17-Feb-09 16:28:39

ooh mitchell, I've jsut cross posted with you I think. What kind of invacare wc does your DD have. We are getting an Action 3 - what buggy board do you have? Maybe there is a way after all. Not much help for a newborn though...

FioFio Tue 17-Feb-09 16:40:50

Message withdrawn

Mitchell81 Tue 17-Feb-09 17:13:22

I can't see what make invacare DD has, but it looks similar to this although she has a special seating unit which is separate and is a childs size.

But on the 4th March we are getting a new one as her is 4 years old already. Don't know the make but the back can adjust unlike this crappy one. I am very excited grin blush grin

The buggyboard is a lascal

Mothercare sell them, you could always take it home and try it and if not suitable return or if suitable return and buy online from somewhere cheaper blush

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 17-Feb-09 17:20:19

thanks for the ideas, I think in time a buggy board will be the solution for the little one but it will be hard whilst I have a newborn. Hairy I'm glad you said about the phil and teds as I've had a lot of pressure from everyone to go out and buy one and they are expensive. I think I'm going to end up with the mighty double maclaren which is hard to push but at least I know dd fits into a maclaren ok. This is what I think would be great sit n stand but they only sell it in the US. It's a stroller with a kind of bench seat with straps at the back. I think it would be fine for dd but don't want to risk trying to get one shipped in from the states.

springlamb Tue 17-Feb-09 17:26:26

I used a buggy board when dd was newborn and ds was 7 (he was on the buggy board of course).
Buggy boards are a bit wider now I believe.

[Waves to hairy - was the trike ever any use?)

Mitchell81 Tue 17-Feb-09 17:29:40


But they say suitable from 6 months

monstermansmum Tue 17-Feb-09 19:20:16

I have a joovy They also do a triple which looks like a train! It fits most UK baby seats and comes with raincover and basket. I got it shipped over and it was really quick-it cost less than a lot of UK twin prams as well. Bought it from an ebay shop called Balkowitsch. Cost less than £200 inc shipping (last year).

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 17-Feb-09 20:40:41

The joovy caboose looks great! I'm off to have a hunt on Ebay now. Thanks.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 17-Feb-09 20:51:09

ok, so I've looked at the joovy caboose - looks good, especially the toddler seat but the front seat doesn't seem to recline at all so is only suitable from 6 months? I don't mind a newborn being in the carseat for short trips but wouldn't like it to be the only option for the first 6 months. Monstermansmum what did you do? did you use it for a newborn? thanks.

Woooozle100 Tue 17-Feb-09 21:08:36

my mate is selling buggypod if anyone interested. Not been used a fat lot at all (cos she's rarely out with her 2 dc together on her own, not cos its cack ) let me know and I'll check mail cos its not an account I use all the time

5inthebed Tue 17-Feb-09 21:13:48

HBOB I had similar problems last year. 3 year old ASD and baby born in November (12 weeks now and doing amazing). We have a Mia Moda Compagno which is like the Joovy. It can take any UK car seat, it has a special adapter on, and the rain cover covers both baby and toddler. My ds2 is very tall for his age, but it still does the job. We got ours off Ebay.
This is the cheapest buy it now but they do also have auctions on new ones. I bought mine for £55! If you live in the North East, I will happily let you have it when your baby is born if you wanted to try it out.

Congratulations btw on your pregnancy.

monstermansmum Tue 17-Feb-09 22:07:46

Hi HBOB, the front seat does recline but not completely flat which is why it takes the car seat. We live nr Manchester if you want to have a look at it?

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