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Claiming DLA (ADHD & ODD)

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clouiseg Sun 15-Feb-09 16:02:55

Hi there, I hope someone can help or offer me some advice!!

Am currently aboard the bumpy rollercoaster known as a DLA claim! Only got as far as filling the claim forms out ready to be sent though. But need some guidance from experienced mumsnetters!

DD is nearly 7 and has a full diagnosis of the following

ADHD & ODD (has a regular consultant)
DETRUSOR INSTABILITY (overactive bladder causing daytime & nighttime wetting - has another regular coonsultant & needs Oxybutinin for this but delayed due to next prob!)
PERSISTANT TACHYCARDIA (has been referred to a Cardiologist as her heart rate is too high and is unable to do ANY physical activity i.e. kept in at playtime, no PE etc)
DIETARY PROBLEMS (has ANOTHER consultant dietitian for this as she needs food supplements!!)

DD is on Ritalin, although this has been temporarilry halted due to her heart problems (as its a contra-indication to give her a stimulant with heart issues). So her behaviour is APPALLING at the moment bless her.

And to top it off I'm 37 weeks pregnant and trying to find time to give birth in between the many appointments with various specialists lol!! She has problems day AND night as she seems to require VERY little sleep so I'm up 3 times a night! Melatonin did nothing after the first few weeks! When people ask me about starting the sleepless nights with a new baby I can't help but smile and think...but I'm up anyway so its NO FLIPPIN DIFFERENT lol

I have enclosed with the claim form loads of documents (prescriptions, letters from all consultants highlighting the diagnoses of ADHD, ODD, BLADDER PROBS etc, referral letters to the heart specialist, a SEN school report from last year etc)

I have also put her ADHD consultant down as the point of contact for them and she has filled out the statement on the form backing up her problems.

My questions are;

is there anything else I can do to sway the DLAs decision?

do I need a current statement from the school (they are CRAP with this sort of thing!)

Any idea of what award she is entitled to?

I know I'm probably over reacting to all this but pregnancy hormones don't help! haha. And I swear if the school ask me to provide another jumper or Cardi (because she chews & rips holes in them) ONCE more I'll scream!! angry

Anyway, after that rant (I apologise!) and the headache from the DLA form, I think I'm gonna waddle off & eat some chocolate lol

Really hope someone can help xxxx smile

bigTillyMint Sun 15-Feb-09 17:51:46

Oh my word, you have your hands fullshock

Bumping for you!

Mitchell81 Sun 15-Feb-09 18:31:40

Bumping for you. I agree you have your hands full at the moment. Hope you get the DLA decision quickly, I would think that you will definetely get it. Good luck with your new baby.

kiddiz Sun 15-Feb-09 18:34:24

Can you get letters from any of the consultants she sees? When I didn't do this for ds they got their medical report from his gp who was useless. Because gp hadn't seen ds for ages because he was seeing hospital consultants, the gp just put n/a on everything!! I know this because when we appealed I was sent copies of all the paperwork relevant to his application. They hadn't asked for reports from any of the hospital consultants or physio or speech therapists ds sees even though I had given them all their names and addresses. I did this for the appeal and ds's dla was awarded on appeal.

magso Sun 15-Feb-09 21:23:25

It is perfectly reasonable to expect a successful claim for DLA. It is important to give detail and spell out what may not be obvious to a non medical child-free decision maker. Explain why you have to be up in the night (ie your dd cannot change the bed or nappy herself, or nappies leak, or she is distressed and needs you to resettle her or needs supervision once awake whatever it is. If she has a statement and specialised staffing ratio, whatever else will help the DLA people understand your dds care and supervsion and how it differs from other 7 year olds.

twocutedarlings Sun 15-Feb-09 22:33:22

Take a look at the cerebra guide here i dont think i could have completed DD1s DLA form without it tbh.

Good luck smile

clouiseg Mon 16-Feb-09 13:58:27

Awwww thanks so much everyone. Brilliant advice, especially the CEREBRA guide twocutedarlings! Wow its really informative!

Kiddiz I have enclosed copies of all relevant letters froom each appointment (every time we see her consultants we get an official copy of the outcome in letter form). Each letter has a section marked DIAGNOSIS or PROBLEM and its there in black and white what her conditions are. Also enclosed all referral letters to Cardiologist / dietitian etc. I also rang my GP as apparently they contact the GP for a report (although WHY is beyond me! My GP has never even MET her as all her care is through the consultants at the hospital??!!) Still I have made an appointment to see the 'report writing' GP and to introduce us. Hope it helps!!

The whole thing is such a headache, and I only found out about her possible entitlement through a good samaritan telling me to claim. Amazing eh? As if its not hard enough anyway caring for a child with difficulties!!

Thanks for the good wishes with the baby too....yes I do have my hands VERY full (also have a hormonal 11 year old daughter lol) but we muddle through. That said there are days when a few hours of extra sleep would make a HUGE difference but I just remind myslef there are people out there MUCH worse off than us!

Your advice is really appreciated...grin

kiddiz Mon 16-Feb-09 16:13:45

Sorry I didn't add this earlier but before you send off your claim get photocopies of everything you send and keep them. Not only will they be invaluable if the DWP lose your claim...which isn't unheard of!! It will be very useful and save you alot of time when the time comes to renew your claim. It will probably be several years later and to have a record of what you sent last time will help no end.

lou031205 Mon 16-Feb-09 17:18:26

If walking would be a danger to your DD's health, you may qualify for the mobility aspect, also.

clouiseg Wed 18-Feb-09 14:29:40

Ooooooerrr! Are they that bad? I had heard that they can be a little careless with claim forms....! Thankfully I got photocopies of the whole form and also the Consultants letters I sent with it! Phew!

It'll be interesting to see what they come up with! Her ADHD consultant is the person in the statement about her condition so I hope it'll hold some weight? She is a lovely lady and SO helpful bless her.

I really do appreciate all the advice, and will keep you posted! Does anyone know how long things take before a decision is made? I have sent in loads of supporting evidence, and just need to pre warn the school and GP about them contacting them....god its such a headache isn't it! shock

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