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Ok, now 'm screaming!!!!

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APPLE68 Mon 11-Apr-05 11:47:06

As some of you will know we are having major adaptations done to accomodate Mark in his new downstairs room. These include removing the patio window. Installing a shower and building a wall. Of course being us it's not that straight forward and there also has to be a new drainage system put in and new doors and things to go with it.

Anyway with the boys having autism I of course need notice. I mean having someone in the house is hard for Mark at the best of times but lets not forget it's his room they will be invading. James on the other hand will see the whole thing as an opportunity to make new friends and also the fact that they will be digging in the garden will have his little obsessions in their element.

The nice people from adaptations sent us a letter with a deadline for the 10th April, yep a few days ago. Of course we had used this letter to help us get Mark to come to terms with the fact that this work was going to have to be done. Of course it didn't happen.
Mark is not a happy bunny, infact he is a steaming molten mass of ticked off, stressed out autistic boy.

So I rang them this morning to find out what the hell was going on. The lovely, yet annoyingly patronising lady on the other end of the phone said that she was really sorry that this had happened and she would ring the contractors and see what was going on. She rang back a few minutes later to say that the works had got the job (Well at least that's a start) but were waiting for quotes from contractors for the work and would hopefully have these by the middle of the week.

I put the phone down, after losing yet another layer of my already ground down teeth and the phone rang again.
It was a man who had been asked to give them a quote on the work to be done on the shower part of the job. I asked him when he'd been offered the chance to quote. He said Friday, the day before the deadline.

The whole thing is pharsicle. The whole proccess hasn't even got off the ground yet and the deadline is passed. No one can tell me when this work will be started let alone finished, so I have no way of reassuring my sons or adding any structure into the equation. As far as I know they are only at the asking for quotes stage of the process.

I have no way of preparing the boys, I have answers when Mark screams in my face when will they come into my room. I feel helpless.

I've rang adaptations, I've rang the council. As usual the people I want to talk to aren't available. I rang my new OT and spoiled his day as his hands are tied and unlike the prats at the council he does have some idea of how hard this is for us.
He rang adaptations and dared to come back and say that maybe we'd misinterpretted the letter. He said they had to start the proccess by then. Load of rubbish, the letter clearly starts that the work should have been started by the 10th and I resent the fact that they are questioning my understanding of that. (Why do they seem to think that parents of children with special needs are a bit thick and can be so easily fobbed off? Yet another example of another agency trying to prey on our insecurities, if you ask me.)

Anyway. The guy who is submitting the quote has just been. It seems he's the only company asked to supply one (How reassuring that is )

His deadline for submitting the quote is Wednesday and he said he can get his team in a week after it's been excepted, giving us a weeks notice.

So it's going to be another fortnight at the earliest before this is all started.

Bugger! Bugger! Bugger! is all I can say.

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