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proud mummy moment

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Phoenix4725 Thu 12-Feb-09 17:41:00

can I have a proud mummy moment, have been signing with ds non verbal , gd , for 18 months and the last few months he started siging back we now have 2 dozen signs but this morning he signed more then drink , then later signed car followed by chips and when i was like what he pointed to macdonaald picture not that we go regularyblush and yes he got his macdonlds

then top it of we been working on b sound using ball and he signed Ball and actully said it grin,

sunshineday Thu 12-Feb-09 17:46:34

grin you have every right to a proud mummy moment that's fantastic

magso Thu 12-Feb-09 17:53:16

Wow! Thats brilliant!

2shoesformyvalentine Thu 12-Feb-09 18:10:32

hereidrawtheline Thu 12-Feb-09 18:17:32

well done!! stretch your proudmummy moment out as long as you can you deserve it!

Tclanger Thu 12-Feb-09 18:30:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BriocheDoree Thu 12-Feb-09 19:02:25

grin grin grin

TinySocks Thu 12-Feb-09 19:22:11

Wonderful!!!! grin

cyberseraphim Thu 12-Feb-09 19:30:04

Cyber Champagne being poured out !!!

kettlechip Thu 12-Feb-09 19:33:49

wow phoenix, that's brilliant!! So happy for you!

Marne Thu 12-Feb-09 19:39:51

Well done to both of you, thats brilliant.

Debs75 Thu 12-Feb-09 19:42:45

That's brilliantgrin
Ww have been using sign with our ds 10 for about 18-20 mionths now and he is surprising us all the time with new signs. We have also noticed that the more he signs the more he seems to understand us when we verbally ask him to do things.
Well done.

notfromaroundhere Thu 12-Feb-09 20:26:57

Excellent news grin

5inthebed Thu 12-Feb-09 20:32:05

Excellent grin

I went ott when ds2 could say cheese, so know what you mean about letting him hve a Macdonalds

alfiemama Thu 12-Feb-09 21:07:01

Fantastic news, well done to both of you

sphil Thu 12-Feb-09 22:56:45

That's fantastic - really creative! Can I add one? I asked DS2 where the remote control was yesterday and he POINTED (properly, with his index finger) up to the top of the TV (where we keep it from time to time to stop him from constantly fast forwarding). I was so excited!

misscutandstick Fri 13-Feb-09 07:33:35

Phoenix - absolutely deserved proud mummy moment, totally get you on this one, (as i hope we are heading that way next) YAYYY !!! I physically got excited for you just reading it!!! A 2 word sentence !!! Well done your DS, and well done you!!! FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT!!!

Sphil - YAYYY!!! that is wonderful news! Properly formed an everything (I understand your excitement at that too, we used to have a 'thumb' point, but lost it sad) but YAYYY!!! love these threads!!! XXX

TinySocks Fri 13-Feb-09 07:34:05

and yet another wonderful grin for little sphil.

TotalChaos Fri 13-Feb-09 08:13:37

Well done to little phoenix and little sphil. Phoenix - impressive - as that's a multi-part sequence with reasoning LOL. So quite a lot of thought behind that!

btw re:MacDonalds - it was the first place DS could say "I want to go to X". So yes, I was so chuffed he could do that that we did end up going there rather a lot blush

sphil Fri 13-Feb-09 23:11:12

An update. Put the remote control on top of the TV again and when DS2 asked for a video the conversation went like this:
Me: Where's the remote control?
DS2: Control control
Me: Yes, remote control - where is it?
DS2: Whereisit?
Me: DS2, can you point to the remote control
DS2: Point, point (pointing wildly everywhere BUT the top of the TV)

So my proud mummy moment may have been a one off grin.

TinySocks Sat 14-Feb-09 06:43:35

DS did that kind of thing to me all the time. It was so annoying.
DH would come home and I would be jumping on one foot telling him DS's wonderful new achievement, but then no performance!!
The good thing sphil is that he can do it! and will do it again for sure.

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