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Frasersmum123 Thu 12-Feb-09 10:52:18

Do any of your ASD children bite themselves, and how do you get around it, or stop it when they are doing it?

DS has started to bite himself, mainly his wrists and pads of his hands, and when I catch him doing it I cant get his jaw to unclamp. Is there a trick for this?

He does it when he is scared or frustrated, and does it so hard he has drawn blood.

magso Thu 12-Feb-09 11:46:34

Bumping for you. Ds used to bite his wrist/hand too - he still does occasionally. Prior to that it was usually me and I used to tickle the back of his neck because he has a very sensitive spot (he has an angels kiss there) there and usually opens his mouth and goes slightly floppy! I think it is unique to him though so not useful to you.

magso Thu 12-Feb-09 20:55:25


mumofspiritedchild Fri 13-Feb-09 09:54:17

I have heard that Chewy Tubes which children can bite on can help. There's some info about this and very useful advice re self biting in general on the The National Autistic Society website( The Chewy Tubes can be bought via Kapitex 01937 580211.

Good luck.

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