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dentist for kids with auditory processing disorder

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iwearflairs Wed 11-Feb-09 16:53:27

I need to take my DS (5) to a dentist as he has what I ashamedly think may be a hole in one of his back teeth. If he has to have a drill etc I am very worried about how he will respond to this.

Does anybody have any advice in this area.

Many thanks in advance.

sickofsocalledexperts Wed 11-Feb-09 17:46:31

we go to the Community Dentist at our local hospital - they are very adept at dealing with special needs. Could be worth checking whether your borough has similar?

mumgoingcrazy Wed 11-Feb-09 19:42:18

DD2 has SPD (incl auditory processing) and we go to a paed dentist, they are very good and will do everything they can to 'help' the situation.

glitteryb6 Wed 11-Feb-09 20:11:50

think it depends entirely on the dentist really, ds chipped his front tooth ages ago and it had gone a bit black at the back of it.

took him to the community dentist who referred us into the hospital dentist. he was admitted a few months later and had a white filling done under a GA.

he grinds his teeth and a few weeks later the filling came out, left it for a bit and it got black again, we moved house to a new area so got a new community dentist.
on the first visit i showed he his tooth and asked if he should go back into hospital again.

she reckoned it didnt warrant another GA and said she would tackle it herself on his next visit.

when we went back she made a real fuss of him, showing him the equipment, chatting to him and rubbing his gums which he really seemed to like?

he had some hard plaque on the bottom of his front teeth and he let her scrape it off with the metal thingy quite happily so she decided to try the filling.

she got one of her assistant to gently hold his arms down, as they fly up at funny noises and he sat there and let her remove the black bit with the drill and put the filling in, i couldnt beleive it, so much better than the hospital option and next time she is going to give him a scale & polish.

so i would definately say try the community first! grin

iwearflairs Wed 11-Feb-09 21:48:28

didn't he have to give him an injection????

my nephew goes to a private paed dentist so I will quiz him about special needs experience first. I would rather he had a GA tbh rather than to have to hear a drill.

I know there is a paed dentist at my local hospital - do I just call them up or do I have to be referred somehow or other (sorry thick question)

glitteryb6 Wed 11-Feb-09 22:06:24

no injection, it was more the burr drill rather than the pointy sharp one and she showed him it first and let him hear it working. he does have a high pain threshold though.

i got ds reffered to the community dentist thru my own nhs dentist then they reffered him into hospital dentist but i have since found out that you can refer yourself, not sure if thats the case in all areas but its worth a call to the hospital dentist yourself, they can always tell you how to go about it if you cant self refer.

magso Thu 12-Feb-09 10:24:52

We use our local dentists for Ds ( now 9 with LD and ASD), who sadly has also needed fillings. They are both very experienced with nervous and sn patients. Ds has never needed an injection either perhaps because the decay is more superficial. They show him the noise and vibration on his finger first. It seems to take far less time than filling an adult tooth (minutes only) perhaps because the teeth are small and the filling only needs to last a couple of years. It may be worth asking around then ringing to speak to the dentist that sounds most promising. Ds was used to dental visits and collecting his sticker before his first filling so we had the advantage of familiarity. It probably helped that the dentist sorted out (ie popped out)a wobbly (baby) tooth that was really distressing him!

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