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Warning tmi possibly

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alfiemama Wed 11-Feb-09 14:29:44

I posted a thread on here the other day about ds who is 4.5 (asd) and has regressed totally with toilet training.

I am now thinking could there be something wrong with his poo's (sorry if tmi) they just seem small, frequent and well very smelly.

Any ideas anyone?

drlove8 Wed 11-Feb-09 15:14:43

sounds like hes constipated alfiemama!, does he like orange juice? , id get him to drink loads and sort it out before it gets worse,(painful and not passing at all). poor wee lad! sad. is he ok otherwise?

trace2 Wed 11-Feb-09 15:32:04

he sounds constipated! try the sugar based laxative (forgot what its called)

drlove8 Wed 11-Feb-09 15:34:22


alfiemama Wed 11-Feb-09 15:36:40

Hi Drlove, no he will only drink water, very hard work with his eating. He does drink a lot though, and even though his diet seems to be very beige he is quite varied.

To be honest its always been very smelly, Im wondering if there could be something wrong with his digestion.

trace2 Wed 11-Feb-09 15:37:20

lol drlove8 my head dont work best of time

shoneshine Fri 13-Feb-09 13:19:50

Linseed works a treat (can buy in health food shops) I mix it with sugar for my 2 year old to keep her regular and she thinks its sweets (shes not underpriveleged,lol!) Xx

alfiemama Fri 13-Feb-09 13:30:23

Hi everyone

Sorry I should have updated, went to see the paed yesterday, he has fecal impaction and she has prescribed movacol to begin with.

Thanks for thinking of us though.

jg3kids Fri 13-Feb-09 16:54:04

Hi alfiem,

Glad to see you're getting things moving _ excuse the pun!
What's his diet usually like?

For us smelling poo's meant constipation and bacteria


alfiemama Fri 13-Feb-09 17:24:26

Thanks jg3kids

His diet is a very beige diet, Im afraid, he is being referred to a dietician but just not yet as the paed thinks it will be too many appointments for him to deal with.

Its just fun getting the movacol down him as he will only have water and wont drink anything in it, he even watches me at the tap grin

drlove8 Sat 14-Feb-09 14:05:13

hi alfiemama! how he today? does he drink out a lidded beeker/ sports straw type thingy? . this is what i do with dd4, shove the stuff in her beeker the night before, and put it back in the cupboard, when she gets up she sees me taking the beeker to the fridge for the milk and takes it no problem.i just dance about the kitchen shaking the beeker to mix (procal)the stuff and she doent notice, just thinks mummys went bonkers! lol. try it , might work? wink

alfiemama Sat 14-Feb-09 19:22:55

Hi Drlove8, I did try hiding it in it, but he can taste it. It wouldnt be so bad if it could go in a full bottle of water, but the paed said I wouldnt know how much he would have had.

So far I have used it as a competition with his brother, who can drink the fastest (obv not in brothers drink). He doesnt like it though, because when he gets up in the morning, he says "do I not need my medicine" bless.

Thanks anyway appreciate your help

drlove8 Sun 15-Feb-09 21:34:35

hi alfimama! smile hows the little man today? hope he's feeling better!grin

alfiemama Sun 15-Feb-09 21:58:05

Hi Drlove8

He's a little better thanks, had 2 little accidents, but think like she said, just overload, not to be too disgusting lol I think we are waiting for a bottom explosion of some kind.

He has been having the movacol (taste like salt, its disgusting) keeps making him gag poor love, going to try the yoghurt tommorow and see if I can disguise it.

drlove8 Sun 15-Feb-09 22:24:38

awww what a shame poor wee lad having the gaging....its awful.why cant the people that know not make the movical better tasting? .my DH has it for IBS and he says its disgusting.glad your wee man is a bit better, hope things improve and get (ahem) moving .good luck with the yoghurt!smile

alfiemama Sun 15-Feb-09 22:31:17

Ah thanks, poor hubby thats all I will say, I thought it was going to taste like sherbert or something, yuck!!!

donkeyderby Sun 15-Feb-09 23:00:06

ds1 takes Movicol - one of the few drugs he takes I haven't tried myself to find out about side effects/taste etc. Didn't realise it's salty - we mix it with milk as that is all he drinks at home. Yuk! He drinks it though!
Have to say, it's been a wonderdrug for him. He's had chronic constipation and associated behaviour problems/pain for years. Tried Lactulose and Senna (latter gave him terrible stomache pains) but only Movicol has really worked.

alfiemama Sun 15-Feb-09 23:25:49

Thanks Donkerderby, its good to know you had positive results with it. Wish he would have milk, would be easier to disguise the taste, honestly try it, its yummy. I even asked him did he want some cordial with it (never had cordial) but poor love wouldnt.

alfiemama Mon 16-Feb-09 17:55:12

Oh crikey, its here, the bottom explosion. Since this morning he must have had 10+ accidents. Do I just keep giving the medicine?

LGoodLife Mon 16-Feb-09 21:26:18

I was told that Movicol is an electrolyte and works by carrying the water its mixed with down to the lower bowel, lactulose works by taking water from the bowel to soften the stool at "point of exit" so to speak. We were advised by paeds and diets to use both, all the time, in a small amount balanced to achieve optimum results. Too much of either is explosive!

alfiemama Mon 16-Feb-09 21:29:43

Hi LGoodlife, hmm I did wonder why they hadnt given lactulose.

To be honest though, I have to admit this stuff is good, its taken a few days, but it seems to be very controlled (I know I put bottom explosion but not really) he has been about 10 times today but hasnt had any tummy ache it just seems to be all coming out now. I have even had to put a nappy on him for bed (something I never thought I would do).

r3dh3d Mon 16-Feb-09 21:35:10

I think (from a thread on fecal impaction on another forum - more common than you think I guess) that you keep on giving it for a while. They were at it for weeks; the initial runnyness lasted a few days.

The bowel muscles may have been stretched by the impaction and need a prolonged period of nothing much in there in order to shrink back and retrain. It may depend on how long the doc thinks the impaction has been there for - maybe best check back?

alfiemama Mon 16-Feb-09 22:57:57

Thanks r2dh3d

I will give her a call just to be on the safe side, thanks for the advice and link x

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