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can anyone recommend any good books on ASD?

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apollo11 Tue 10-Feb-09 21:22:47

i've just read lorna wings book, the autistic spectrum, and fiona marshs, living with autism.

i'd be interested in any recommendations people have found helpful.

also especially any good books written by someone with autism?

Bricks Tue 10-Feb-09 21:48:18


ht tp:// =1234302234&sr=1-1

apollo11 Tue 10-Feb-09 21:56:08

thank you bricks.

Marne Wed 11-Feb-09 10:54:01

this, i'm reading this at the moment, its written by a teenage boy with AS/ASD, its a bit different as it is a story but it helps you understand the way ASD children/teens think.

busybeingmum Wed 11-Feb-09 13:26:46

Message withdrawn

drlove8 Wed 11-Feb-09 15:33:49

ive got " the autism source book" by karen siff exkorn, (bits of it are ok, mostly american point of view)and "children with autism" by adelle jameson tilton is good!... also have "is that my child?" by dr robin pauc and "understanding a.d.h.d" - the last two aren't about autism, but have good ideas about coping with poor confidence and challenging sleep patterns and diet, and attitudes of other adults/children.

apollo11 Thu 12-Feb-09 14:04:28

thanks so much everyone.

my local support group has a really good resource, a whole wheen of books about ASD and they go round all the libraries for 4 months at a time. its just come back to my local library so i am on my way in with my list now!

thanks again.

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