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Thoughts on Peppa Pig

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TheRealMrsF Sun 10-Apr-05 10:11:40

Is it just me (sure that's the case!) that is conviced that Peppa's little brother is Autistic..... he just reminds me of Leigh at age 2!!!! (not in looks mind you!!!)

Now on to the serious point of this post.... it's useful when a kids programme covers issues that we face daily....i am always homing in on bits where someone takes someone literally, or doesn't notice someones's feelings or has difficulties joining in to play with others.

whether they are intentionally intented to be viewed this way is debatable.....

coppertop Sun 10-Apr-05 10:27:27

I've never heard of Peppa Pig.

macwoozy Sun 10-Apr-05 10:28:09

I've noticed that the cartoon Mr Bean is handy for this. He's def got to be autistic, he's oblivious to anyone elses feelings, continually making mistakes socially. I watch this with my ds, and use the opportunity to explain why Mr Bean keeps upsetting so-and-so.
As for Peppa's brother, I'll have to watch it, I can often hear it in the background, their laughs crack me up - so sweet.

emmatom Sun 10-Apr-05 10:33:49

My daughter loves Peppa Pig. I've never watched it properly, just heard the snorting which is bloody hilarious I think, creases me every time (i need to get out more). I will watch it more closely and see what I think of the brother.

Pinotmum Sun 10-Apr-05 10:52:35

My ds has taken to carrying his T Rex dinosaur around like George does since watching Peppa Pig.

TheRealMrsF Mon 11-Apr-05 11:37:53's the dinosaur thing that got me thinking about autism....

Enid Mon 11-Apr-05 11:40:03

dh and I watch Peppa even when the dd's have gone off to play - I think it is hilarious, especially George. Not sure whether he is autistic though - I have a NT 2 year old who exhibits exactly that obsessive/repetitive behaviour

TheRealMrsF Mon 11-Apr-05 11:41:47

did you see the 'piggy in the middle ' episode???
(bordering on being v.sad here....discussing episodes !!!)

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