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DS2 is annoying me, but he is quite funny

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5inthebed Fri 06-Feb-09 09:20:08

DS2, for the whole hour before school today has been repeating "why, why, why" over and over again. I finally gave in to him and repeated back "why" and what did he say back?...........

"BECAUSE" and was creased over in giggles

He is a cheeky little man sometimes.

coppertop Fri 06-Feb-09 09:48:58


claw3 Fri 06-Feb-09 10:01:23

LOL what a good way to start the day with a smile

My ds 5 made me a lovely picture the other day, it dawned on me that we didnt have any glue and i asked him "how did you manage to stick the shapes on the front" his reply "boogies" gross or what!!

Even grosser i kept it and put it up on the wall with the rest grin

bullet123 Fri 06-Feb-09 10:04:16

troutpout Fri 06-Feb-09 12:32:13


5inthebed Fri 06-Feb-09 13:00:15

Beautiful Claw3.It'll probably grow into something lovely, like mould grin

claw3 Fri 06-Feb-09 13:18:46

he he!! i shall have to start watering the picture, along with the house plants soon i suspect

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