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omega 3 - advice please!

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Njata Fri 08-Apr-05 16:16:25

Just wanted to pick a few brains! My kids both have autism, I put both on multi-vits, the syrup my youngest takes has 'high concentrate essential fatty acid etc etc - I think this is that omega 3 I hear about (?), my eldest won't take it, but will take a multi-vit tablet that is like a jelly baby (we call it his 'power sweet!). I have searched high and low for similar to the syrup for my eldest to take in tablet form - he wont take any of the types we have found so far. I need to find one that is enough like a jelly baby or similar sweet for him to accept. Does anyone have any ideas?
BTW, since my youngest has been on it - it has been AMAZING! He is listening, responding to me, speaking the odd word here and there and then today, he has been writing words! I am convinced that it is related!

Saker Sun 10-Apr-05 21:21:23


I think you will find it hard to find something like that because the taste of the fish oils is quite hard to disguise. We give my ds2 Eskimo Kids which is in liquid form - could you try that mixed with jam or something sweet? Or will he absolutely only take a sweet? You only need a teaspoon. I get it online from Nutriworld.

You can get tablet form omegas but again not very sweet or like jelly babies.

RnB Tue 19-Apr-05 20:55:09

Message withdrawn

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