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the fairies have visited

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Jimjams Thu 07-Apr-05 14:25:15

and replaced my horror with a little angel.

really weird.

ok so he's drawn all over the kitchen and his therapy room, and he smashed some glass candlesticks (wedding present) climbing onto the fridge yesterday, BUT big but, after the Sainsbury's success we tried superdrug (worked) and today I tok him to an nct group. he stayed the whole 2 hours!

Blossomhill Thu 07-Apr-05 14:25:53

Wow. That's great news Jimjams

Jimjams Thu 07-Apr-05 14:26:09

oh and I didn't just take him- I took the other 2 as well-

SoupDragon Thu 07-Apr-05 14:28:07


TheRealMrsF Thu 07-Apr-05 14:30:15

that must feel so strange!!! Lovely....but not what you are used too!

Nearest i ever come to this feeling is when i get Leigh to eat a previously disliked/untried food.
Currently it's haddock from asda(battered...not dredcrumbed) twice now i've given him a whole chunk and we agreed it was 'far too big for him to eat' ....and he ate the lot.....not just that but got him to use cutlery....struggles with 'firmer' foods. this haddock is soft and the batter cuts easily

TheRealMrsF Thu 07-Apr-05 14:31:55

to be able to go outy like you can't wait to try the post office - co i know you've needed to go there many times in the past!

LIZS Thu 07-Apr-05 14:33:59

Wow, that sounds like progress - hope it continues for you.

coppertop Thu 07-Apr-05 14:37:42

Wow! Whatever they're teaching him at his new school, it's obviously working.

Jimjams Thu 07-Apr-05 14:39:16

oh it'll all go pear shaped next week! No way are we trying the PO -he wasn't THAT good in Superdrug- more tolerated it (and couldn't run away as I had him on his belt thing).

TheRealMrsF Thu 07-Apr-05 14:47:24

As you know JJ i don't have the same type of probs that you have ....but shopping etc are still difficulties i cannot always face....for eg i won't take leigh anywhere where i have to be in the same shop for more than 2 or 3 minutes supermarket shopping is a no-no...even with his gameboy. however if we are visiting several hops to buy 'exactly what i say'...then as long as i don't browse or get talking to someone - we can visit say 10 shops and i can even get away with adding 'extra' shops in sometimes....but we can't ever just wander around.

His Gameboy has liberated us incredibly...meaning that as a couple (+boys) DH and i can look at things like furniture etc TOGETHER instead of each separately going in and taking turns to sit in the car with the boys....we look like those 'weather people that swap over in the sun/rain'!!!. (also felt quite suspicious going in and out of shops....and moving items to be viewed to prominent places for the other to see on their turn!!!

JakB Thu 07-Apr-05 14:47:33

Bloody hell, how amazing! I bet you can't believe it...

KarenThirl Thu 07-Apr-05 15:26:03

The fairies came to our house at the weekend too. We had a lovely little boy come to stay for three whole days while my own ds went off and did something else, then alas on Wednesday morning mine came home and the lovely little boy went back from whence he came. It was nice while it lasted but we're having a very AS end to the week.

I live in hope of a return visit. The door is open. Hope they visit you again soon too JJ.

maddiemo Thu 07-Apr-05 16:47:07

Well done ds1. He has been a star this holiday

Fio2 Thu 07-Apr-05 16:48:19

Jimjams Thu 07-Apr-05 16:48:33

although he's now refusing to wear pants.... hmm we've just had a bit of a barney about that- as I do not want to even go there!

happymerryberries Thu 07-Apr-05 16:50:19

It sounds like he has made a huge improvemnt. Hoping that things continue to imrove

Davros Thu 07-Apr-05 17:05:22

Excellent news Jimjams, so you haven't been cooped up so much? Never mind pants, mine are both running around in the nude (and one isn't toilet trained.....)

Jimjams Thu 07-Apr-05 17:09:57

NO it's weird davros- i think he's learned to wait for a bit. We had to wait to cross the road today and he was fine with that- wasn't trying to throw himself in front of cars. Didin't complain when I stopped to fiddle with the buggy rainscover etc.

tigermoth Thu 07-Apr-05 17:13:10

all the best litte fairies and angels go aobut their business pantless, so I believe

glad you've had some good days and got to the shops in relative peace.

If it makes you feel better, ds1 (no, not ds2), has only *in the past year* finally stopped trying to heave himself into the trolley at the supermarket - so I can push him around. It took a lot of loud on the spot telling off, and threats to break this little habit. Even asking him, 'honestly ds1, how many other 9 year olds do you see being wheeled around inside a supermarket trolley' fell on deaf ears. And this is a NT child!!

louismama Thu 07-Apr-05 20:06:18

Good for ds1 and for you jimjams! xx

eidsvold Fri 08-Apr-05 00:47:46

good news...

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