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Earlybird- any good?

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JakB Thu 07-Apr-05 14:03:52

Signed up for this- my mum and I are going to do it together. What's it like?

Jimjams Thu 07-Apr-05 14:40:14

It's a great intro to autism- may be more use for your mum than you as I suspect you'll know a lot already. Made a friens or 2 through it though.

coppertop Thu 07-Apr-05 14:45:11

We were meant to do this but couldn't because there were no childcare/creche facilities during the group sessions. It looked good though and the CDC staff recommended it too.

JakB Thu 07-Apr-05 14:47:05

Thanks for replying! Yeah, CT, think it's really unfortunate that they don't offer childcare. In the literature it says, 'leave your child at home'. What, alone?!!!

maddiemo Thu 07-Apr-05 16:42:41

We did it. You will know a lot of it already but the course is great for meeting local people in same position. We found it really good for swapping info on provision in our area.

I still keep in touch with about half the people on my EB. We all had children going into specialist education and it felt like a huge step into the unknown at the time. It is lovely to see how the children have grown.

Your mum should get a lot from it. We had Nan's on our Eb and it really helped them and gave them a chance to chat about their thoughts and feelings etc.

maddiemo Thu 07-Apr-05 16:44:29

By the way we had a creche at the CDC but they could only offer 2 EB courses a year so only 12 families per year get a place.

Davros Thu 07-Apr-05 17:01:49

Wish they'd had it in our day . Great idea to get grandparents on it, they should put that in the plan.

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